Burning in Chest when Running Outside

An uncomfortable, burning sensation in the lungs while running can dissuade individuals from carrying out the workout they both require and enjoy. Although anyone can establish a burning sensation in the lungs while running, certain risk factors can activate or get worse the condition. The majority of cases of a burning sensation in the lungs are avoidable or treatable with lifestyle changes or healthcare.

Burning in Chest when Running

Feeling a burning sensation in the lungs while running might occur regularly in children than adults, and in people who are obese or overweight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that this symptom happens areas with air pollution, along with in people who smoke. In some people, other symptoms including bad athletic performance, problem breathing, coughing and tightness or pain in the chest might accompany the burning sensation.

Identification of Burning in Chest

General physicians and specialists such as allergists identify the causes of burning sensations in the lungs by taking a health history of the patient. The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology site describes that physicians often administer a breathing test while the patient rests, followed by another test while exercising. Patients whose symptoms are accompanied by allergies may undergo allergic reaction skin prick testing to identify any triggers that may worsen the burning sensation while running.

burning in chest running
For some people, they may discover that over time, as they improve their cardiovascular condition, the burning sensation in their chest (or lungs) will disappear. Consistency with running is vital. Realize that you might become quite adapted to a certain cardio mode such as running quick on level courses or running up hills.

Causes of Burning in Chest when Running Outside

Most of the times, a burning sensation in the lungs when running is caused by exercise-induced asthma. Intense aerobic exercise such as running is most likely to trigger this condition than other types of exercise, such as weight-lifting or yoga. In addition, running in cold or dry air or during periods when airborne pollen counts are high might cause or worsen a burning sensation in the lungs.


Medical professionals usually treat burning in the lungs while keeping up a prescription bronchodilator that patients self-administer prior to exercising. Nevertheless, if symptoms still happen while running, the Wexner Medical Center notes that your doctor might recommend a long-acting beta agonists to unwind the muscles around the lungs and oral allergic reaction medications. If symptoms are severe, rescue medications such as oral or intravenous corticosteroids such as prednisone rapidly reduce the inflammation that produces the burning sensation.


Workout in a warm, humidified environment such as a physical fitness club or swimming pool. Consider other types of workout that do not set off symptoms, such as swimming or raising weights. For those who take pleasure in and do not wish to give up running, think about going on shorter runs and breathe through the nose to help warm up the air before it reaches the lungs.


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    Hi, I have asthma, but I really want to run, it’s my favorite sport, and I can’t live without it, can I run with such a disease?