Nerve Burning Procedure Side Effects

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Nerve burning procedure (also known as Nerve blocks) is used for pain treatment and management. Frequently a group of nerves, called a plexus or ganglion, that causes pain to a particular organ or body area can be obstructed with the injection of medication into a particular area of the body. The injection of this nerve-numbing compound is called a nerve block.

Raised Blood Sugar

If you are a diabetic, your blood sugar may be elevated after the procedure for a short time. Continue to monitor your blood sugar as usual. Report any loss of control with the blood sugar levels to your doctor right away.

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Pain form Injection

Risks and short term side effects may occur and need to be reported to the doctor. You should get some numbness that follows the path of the nerve that the doctor blocked/burned. You may also experience some weak point and increased pain for a few days after the injection, including localized pain at the injection site.


There is always a risk of bleeding, infection, nerve injury or an allergic reaction to any of the medications used during the injection. These risks are present but the likelihood of occurrence is relatively low.

Other Complications

Nerve burning procedure do have more risks and side effects apart we mentioned above. They include:

  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Weight gain
  • Additional energy
  • Death (in uncommon cases).

Although lots of sort of nerve obstructs exist, this treatment can not always be used. If your pain isn’t really connected to pain in a single or small group of nerves, nerve blocks might not be right for you. Your doctor can advise you as to whether this treatment is proper for you.

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  1. April yvonne Mcguire

    I have an implant at the C4-C6 , the implant is starting to fail due to Degenertive disks, now my Neuro surgen wants me to try pain blocking injections in the area of the implant, he is talking about burning the nerves. so I am here trying to find some information that can help me make an informed choice. But you give me ZERO information.