Side Effects of Hair Removal Cream

Popular depilatory creams such as Nair and Veet remove hair by basically melting the hair away. But what about side effects of the creams? The creams include chemicals that attack hair and break down its natural structure. After the appropriate quantity of time has actually passed, the cream and what’s left of the hair slide down the drain with the rinse water. While simple and typically pain-free, the process is not without risk. Using depilatory creams includes putting severe chemicals on your skin.

List of Side Effects of Depilatory Creams

Let’s talk about hair removal cream side effects you should know:

Skin Irritation

Skin irritation and sensitivity prevail with depilatory creams. During the application, the skin tingles and stings mildly. The sensations normally stop after washing, however individuals with delicate skin may continue to have unpleasant sensations for hours after application. Dryness, itching, rash and level of sensitivity prevail. Likewise common is the sensation of having a slight sunburn. To prevent inflammation, constantly use the proper cream for the job. Creams are formulated according to skin type, hair type and the elimination area. To side effect of the depilatory cream reduce irritation, use the mildest formula that will get the job done.

Chemical Burns

Severe chemical burns can occur with using hair-removal creams. Both hair and skin are comprised of the same proteins and amino acids. Hair breaks down filth quicker than skin, which makes it possible to eliminate hair without removing skin. Nevertheless, if the item is permitted to remain on the skin for too long, or if it is not rinsed away entirely, the skin will begin to break down, leading to a chemical burn.

hair removal cream for women
hair removal cream for women


In rare circumstances, an allergy can happen. An allergy is determined by swelling, redness and extreme pain or burning at the application site. All depilatory items advise that a patch test at least 24 hours prior to application. To perform a spot test, use a percentage of item to an inconspicuous area. Follow the guidelines and rinse the product away. Inspect your skin the next day for inflammation and signs of allergic reaction.

Sticking around Smell

Although business have taken great procedures to sweeten the smell of their hair-removal products, most items still have an undesirable smell. The odor, caused by the chemical component of the item, frequently sticks around after application, just like the smell of an irreversible wave. While you can apply lotions, creams and body sprays to conceal the odor, your skin will continue to have a strange smell for a few hours after treatment.

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