GABA Supplements Side Effects

GABA Supplements

GABA, known more officially as gamma-aminobutyric acid, is a chemical in the brain accountable for sending out nerve signals throughout your central nervous system. Treatment with GABA supplements are purported to help decrease high blood pressure along with symptoms of stress, stress and anxiety and insomnia. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of GABA supplements has yet to be fully assessed. Consult your medical provider about the safety of GABA supplements before initiating treatment.

Safety Issues

Treatment with GABA supplements is generally considered as safe when used appropriately. However, more extensive scientific studies evaluating the safety of this supplement are necessary. If you experience any unusual health issue or side effects while taking GABA supplements, contact your doctor for further assessment.

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What impact does GABA have on the brain?
GABA is a chemical messenger that is widely distributed in the brain. GABA’s natural function is to lower the activity of the nerve cells to which it binds. Some researchers think that one of the purposes that GABA serves is to control the worry or stress and anxiety experienced when neurons are overexcited.

Medication Interactions

To date, there are no known medication interactions connected with taking GABA supplements. Before taking this supplement, nevertheless, go over all medications you’re taking with your doctor.


The safety and efficiency of GABA supplements have not been examined during pregnancy or related side effects. For this factor, women who are pregnant or lactating needs to prevent taking GABA supplements. In addition, people with liver or kidney disease should not take GABA supplements without first seeking advice from a doctor.

Dosing Guidelines

To reduce hypertension, health experts with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center suggest adults take 10 mg of GABA daily. Higher dosages of GABA of as much as 1,000 mg daily might be essential to minimize symptoms related to sleeping disorders or stress and anxiety. For more personalized dosing suggestions, seek assistance from your medical service provider.

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