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Collagen is a family of fibrous proteins that function as the foundation for skin, bones, teeth, cartilage, tendons and other connective tissues, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. Collagen, which helps in recovery and repairing harmed bones and cartilages, likewise keeps the resistance, flexibility and movement of joints and connective tissue. You can take dietary supplements to restore collagen levels; nevertheless, there are several side effects associated with doing so.

What Are Main Side Effects Collagen Supplements?

High Calcium Levels

According to MedlinePlus, a website supported by the National Institutes of Health, high calcium levels or hypercalcemia might occur as possible side effects of collagen supplements. Collagen tablets that come from marine sources, such as shark cartilage and shell fish, contain high quantities of calcium, which can significantly raise the calcium levels of the patient using the supplement, according to Normal values for calcium levels vary from 8.5 to 10.2 mg/dl– a reading higher than 10.2 mg/dl is thought about hypercalcemia. Too much calcium in the body causes constipation, bone pain, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and unusual heart rhythms. Taking calcium supplements together with this type of collagen tablet should be finished with caution.

Hypersensitivity Reactions

Hypersensitivity responses can result as a side effects of taking collagen supplements. As noted on the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases website, hypersensitivity responses happen as an abnormal reaction of the body immune system against allergens, such as food, drugs and supplements. Collagen supplements that come from shell fish and other aquatic sources might cause allergic reactions. Other collagen supplements that originate from eggs and their derivatives can likewise cause food sensitivities, specifically in children. Prior to providing injectable collagen, a test is done to look for hypersensitivity.

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Possible Side Effects of taking collagen supplement
Possible Side Effects
The most frequently reported side effects of taking any type of collagen supplement are hypercalcemia, constipation, bone pain, tiredness, irregular heart rhythms, and hypersensitivity to allergens or food.

Bad Taste in the Mouth

Some oral collagen supplements can leave a bad taste in the mouth, according to MedlinePlus. Collagen supplements made from marine sources typically have an undesirable taste and smell that is not really positive to the majority of patients. Drinking fruit juice together with this type of oral collagen supplement can hide the unpleasant taste. Acidic fruit juices, such as orange, apple, grape and tomato, can reduce the collagen supplement’s strength and strength; for that reason, they should be avoided.


So should you include collagen to your routine? Here’s the glass-half-full view: These minced collagen peptides seem to work– and impressively so. “Supplements are here to stay,” states skin doctor Doris Day. She argues that any product with such a strong medical result has a certain place in a wrinkle-fighting routine, together with an excellent diet, sun defense, and an anti-aging moisturizer. “Further independent studies are needed to see if the information is true,” she says. “But I believe we need to open our minds to more creative methods.”

Consider it: Every once in a while something new enters your beauty routine, and you can’t even remember how it began. Is this the minute when every swipe of night cream began to include a swallow of supplements?


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  1. Lorraine

    Hi i been taking collagen power for my hair. I been having to go to the bathroom? It been a week. What are some of the side effect.

  2. susan

    Hi Lorrainde,
    My problem is the opposite. I’ve been taking collagen peptide supplementation for four weeks and I’m constipated and wondering if the collagen/increased protein is causing it.

  3. Di

    Hi…I’m also opposite to Lorraine. I was fine on tablet collagen but switched to powder form as,was told more effective. Abdomen feels heavy and hot. I’ll persevere. Try for a month and see if it settles.

  4. Bev vogt

    B. I have been using powered collagen for 3weeks. Felt great at first. Not so now. Have leg cramps during the night, a lot of bone aches, very little energy. Also it has done nothing for my skin. Has anyone else had any similar problems? Im afraid i must consider sending it back.

  5. Jessica Rabbit

    I’ve been taking powder collagen from amazon with the highest five star ratings and over three thousand of them. That alone made me pull out my credit card. Ever since I started taking it exactly as described I’ve been sooooo tiredddd and lethargic. My body feels like i have weights strapped to all of my limbs and I cannot wait until night time so I can lay down. I’m usually not a sensitive person and have always had an unusually high tolerance for a 5’1” and 114 lb person. Thought collagen was good for our bodies? I’m so confused. And majorly disappointed. My skin is so parched and getting thinner as I get older it’s in such need of something (that I thought was collagen) drastic that it’s missing to remain healthy. Could it be true that this is also the cause of my extreme fatigue? I wonder why all the other reviews had such extremely positive experiences. Also I am so constipated it’s awful. I will not take it tomorrow for a while to see if I start to feel normal again. Then back to square one with finding an efficient and dramatic skin care “something” to maintain. I’m only typing this incase someone else is searching on the internet for others having the same experience so they can compare and judge the cause. (Btw the brand is “physician’s choice collagen peptides”)

  6. charles

    I’ve been using collagen and it leave me constipated and started having skin rash. Don’t know if this is from the collagen. I’m going to stop and see if there’s a difference.

  7. Rhonda

    I’ve been taking powdered college for 4 weeks daily in my coffee. The past two weeks I’ve become very constipated which has always been a problem but is worse since I started the collagen. I take a daily laxative and still constipated. I also notice I’m very fatigued at the end of the day and having a hard time exercising. The only good thing is I don’t get hungry but I still haven’t lost weight from eating less. I’m disappointed and plan on returning the unopened containers. It’s not what I expected.