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An itchy tailbone is not something you want to deal with in public or, even at home, when there's nothing stopping you from digging your nails into it.

Pruritus, the medical term for itching, can take place anywhere on your skin. Nevertheless, the tailbone is especially susceptible for the propensity people have to put them in sweaty scenarios which can cause itchness.

Causes and Symptoms of Itchy Tailbone

Their can be a number of causes of itchy skin at the base of the tailbone or the crease of skin between the butts. A few of these might need medical treatment. The physicians best certified to discuss this problem include your primary care doctor, your family medicine doctor, or your dermatologist. The most typical cause of itchy skin at the base of the tailbone or between the butts is an easy inflammation of the skin or an allergic reaction, according Often simply attention to great hygiene and keeping the skin dry suffices to clear the condition up.

Itchy Tailbone: Is It Dangerous?

Anytime an abnormal symptom (i.e. itching) continues without an obvious description (exposure to poisonous agents such as poison ivy, changes in soap products used and lots of others), it is important to obtain a medical evaluation for clinical examination and baseline research studies which might include x-rays of the affected areas.

The fact that your skin obstacle is broken through scratching exposes you to prospective infections which might make your condition even worse and more difficult to treat.

This might be a regional skin problem or a symptom of a much deeper tissue issue such as a cyst which exists under the skin and has not yet emerged at skin level.

How to Cure Itchy Tailbone

Sometimes, your doctor might advise a barrier cream, such as a vaseline-containing item, to protect the skin. Sometimes, a brand-new laundry detergent or personal care product is the offender, and your physician can aid you with determining the upseting agent.

Periodically, a skin infection, particularly a fungal infection, may be the offender. If this is the case, your doctor might prescribe a antifungal cream. Hardly ever, a bacterial skin infection or an abscess at the base of the tailbone, called a pilonidal cyst, might be the perpetrator. In these cases, antibiotics or drainage of the infection might be suggested.

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As always, the diagnosis or management of your specific condition will require a physical exam by your individual physician. Scheduling an office check out with your primary care doctor or skin specialist is recommended for correct cure steps.

What Other Say

Tailbone Itchness which Comes and Goes

I have a very itchy rash just to the right of my tailbone (still within right cheek) that comes & goes. I have never really been able to see what it appears like however when it is flared & itching it practically feels like a welt. I had it this same aspect of 3 years ago that i finally went to the doctor for. She provided me a prescription anti-fungal that would just alleviate itching for a while however didn’t cure anything. I never went back & ultimately it did go away. I began having the same problem back in April of this year, I went to a Dermatologist recently and just my luck there was no rash there at the time so she prescribed me locoed lipocream for the itching but didn’t diagnose & treat anything. I do not know if this is linked however sometimes my scrotum gets really itchy also.

Tailbone Itching So Bad

I do not know what my symptom is under, but I get a itchy sensation it the base of my tailbone, down in between the butt checks, No not my rectum! However it is my tailbone, it gets to itching so bad, I wind up peeing on my self if I do not stop my self. I noticed when I gain some wait it itches, as if I don’t acquire wait.

Jessica’s coccyx is itching like crazy

Meet Jessica, a former sales manager who recently lost her job due to a bizarre tailbone issue during her pregnancy. At first, it was just a minor inconvenience, but as time went by, it became unbearable. Jessica found herself constantly itching her tailbone, leaving her distracted and unable to focus on her job responsibilities.

Despite her best efforts to alleviate the pain, nothing seemed to work. She tried yoga stretches, but it only provided temporary relief. Frustrated and at a loss, Jessica made the tough decision to leave her job to focus on her health and pregnancy.

It wasn’t until she consulted with her obstetrician-gynecologist that she finally learned what was causing her discomfort. As her baby grew, the pressure on her tailbone increased, causing pain and itching in the area. After discussing potential solutions with her doctor, Jessica was able to find some relief and was finally able to enjoy the remainder of her pregnancy.

Looking back, Jessica wishes she had sought help earlier and encourages other expectant mothers experiencing similar symptoms to do the same. “Don’t wait until it’s too late,” she advises. “there’s no shame in asking for help.”

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  1. Gary

    Use melaleuca quinquenervia for itchy tailbone. I got it from essential oils. It will clear it right up. It has better astringent properties than tea tree oil. I suffered from it for years, now it’s gone within a week. Give it a try.