Reasons for Not Being Able to Get Pregnant

Whether you have been actively aiming to conceive or simply considering it, there are a few things you must consider in regards to your fertility. If your cycles are generally normal, you ovulate every month and specifically if you have had a previous pregnancy; don’t be in a rush to see a fertility professional without thinking about these few ideas to resolve your huge concern of “why I’m not being able to get pregnant again?” This guide will give you 6 typical and relatively treatable reasons you may be experiencing problem.

5+ Reasons for Not Being Able to Get Pregnant

1. Rule Out a Male Factor for Your Infertility

Surprisingly, infertility due to a male element prevails as it represents 30– 40% of infertility problems couples face. The issue may be connected to a low sperm count or bad motility which influences the sperms capability making an effective journey. Likewise, structural problems can be a concern as it may disrupt the flow of the sperm. The only method to understand for definite if this is the cause of your infertility is your partner would need to have an evaluation by an appropriate doctor.

2. Cigarette smoking

When the majority of people think about damage from smoking, they think of lung or heart disease, but as it ends up, cigarette smoking is among the top competitors in this category.

When women smoke, they are at a greater risk for infertility as it affects the lining of the uterus. If the lining of the uterus isn’t healthy, it is most likely that even if fertilization did take place, the embryo would not be able to implant in the uterus.

why am i unable to get pregnant

In regards to your partner cigarette smoking, the possibility of infertility is an even larger aspect than it is for women. Men hold sperm in their epididymis, which is next to the scrotum, for a period of three months. During this 3 month duration, the sperm that you hope will cause fertilization are exposed to the toxic substances presented by cigarette smoking. If men decide to stop smoking, they should bear in mind that it will take at least 8-12 weeks prior to healthy sperm will be ejaculated. So if smoking is on the table for you or your partner and you have been wondering “why cannot I get pregnant again?” talk with your healthcare provider about a cigarette smoking cessation plan.

3. Results of Stress

When you are attempting to develop, you are currently coping with life’s daily stress factors. But when you are not successful, an included quantity of stress is contributed to your mind and body. Stress plays a huge role in the correct functioning of the adrenal system. There is a procedure the body goes through for ovulation that originates from the adrenal system, but the bottom line is that this can affect a woman’s ovulation.

It’s crucial to keep your mind and body relaxed and calm when aiming to conceive. Make certain you are getting the support you require and are taking some time for yourself. Talk with your partner and make a compromise that works for both of you in terms of family tasks as those alone can be stressful sometimes.

4. Are You at a Healthy Weight?

Many women looking for answers to their concern of “why can’t I get pregnant?” typically do not consider their body weight in regards to infertility.

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Whether a woman is underweight or overweight, developing a baby may be harder. Your body needs the correct nourishment for ultimate functioning, so when a woman is undernourished, she may have abnormalities in ovulation.

Being overweight includes additional stress on the body as well and probabilities of achieving pregnancy are decreased even if a woman is ovulating frequently. It is suggested to maintain a body mass index around 25, preserve a healthy diet and establish a routine workout regimen.

5. Confusion Related to Your Cycle

When you are aiming to conceive and wondering why you cannot get pregnant, it might be a great time for you to get to know your body better. Many women understand a 28-day cycle which ovulation is generally two weeks before your duration, however they do not know there are methods to monitor your body to give yourself a much better understanding of your cycle as you may be able to figure out days of ovulation.

There are ovulation test sets that can be purchased, but a simpler and less costly way is to consider the Billings approach. If you carry out some research on this, you will be able to keep an eye on changes in your cervix and your cervical mucous to help you figure out when the time is right.

Likewise, keep in mind that sperms have the ability of surviving for 3 days in the cervix; for that reason, sex does not necessarily have to be on the day of ovulation. Keep in mind also that using lube during sex can decrease the motility and transfer of sperm.

6. Age or Egg Quality

Some essential facts to remember: women are born with all their eggs at birth. At the time of adolescence, it is approximated that just 300,000 eggs continue to be which every month we lose them in both quality and amount. Once a woman reaches her 30’s, the risk for infertility increases, therefore, it’s a lot more crucial for these women to monitor their cycle for the very best opportunities of fertilization.

These are a few elements for a woman to consider when questioning “Why can’t I get pregnant?” It is suggested that women attempt to conceive for a period up to one year prior to reaching out to a fertility expert. However, there are lots of health conditions that can cause infertility also. If you feel you are at risk, consult from you healthcare provider.

I am not able to get pregnant – what should I do?

In regards to your partner cigarette smoking, the possibility of infertility is an even bigger element than it is for women. There is a procedure the body goes through for ovulation that stems from the adrenal system, but the bottom line is that this can influence a woman’s ovulation.

Some crucial facts to keep in mind: women are born with all of their eggs at birth. When a woman reaches her 30’s, the risk for infertility increases, for that reason, it’s even more important for these women to monitor their cycle for the best possibilities of fertilization.

It is advised that women try to conceive for a duration up to one year before reaching out to a fertility professional.


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