Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids

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When you take a sitz bath, you sit in warm water to help eliminate pain in your bottom or around your personal parts.

Your doctor might suggest one if you have piles, an anal fissure, or if you’ve simply had a baby. You can quickly draw one in your very own bathtub.

The word sitz originates from the German word “sitzen,” which suggests “to sit.”

Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids: When & How to Take It

Taking in water at a mild temperature can assist speed up the healing process by increasing blood flow. It will not cure your condition, however it will soothe irritation.

A sitz bath is normally used as a home treatment for the following:

  • Anal crack, or small tear in the skin lining the opening of the anus.
  • Constipation or diarrhea.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • A condition that afflicts the prostate gland called prostatitis.
  • After a vaginal delivery.
  • Vaginal infections.

A sitz bath can offer relief from soreness, burning, and swelling, but you may need other treatments as well.

A pediatrician may recommend a sitz bath for a child with uncomfortable defecation, a skin reaction, or an injury in the genital area.

A sitz bath is used to deal with the symptoms of anal cracks or hemorrhoids by motivating healthy blood flow to the rectal area.

Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids: Procedure

It doesn’t take a lot of water– only a few inches. Do not include shower gel, bubble bath, or any kind of soap. The temperature should be lukewarm and comfortable to the touch.

Soak up to three times a day for 10 to 15 minutes. Depending on your condition, a doctor may recommend more.

If you’re making a sitz bath in your tub:

  • Fill the bathtub with about 2 to 3 inches of warm water.
  • Sit in the tub, ensuring your personal area is covered.

Later, carefully pat the area dry using a soft towel. You can also dry off by utilizing a hair dryer on a low, warm level.

Medical supply shops, in addition to drug stores, sell little plastic tubs or basins that fit over a toilet seat, too.


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