How Soon Can I Eat After a Colonoscopy

If you’re set up for a colonoscopy, it’s vital for you to clear out your bowel. This is done by taking a bowel prep medication and adhering to a liquid diet for a minimum of 12 hours prior to the colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is a visual assessment of your big bowel, so it needs to be free of food matter. The procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes usually. It’s typical to feel starving after the procedure, so it’s natural to would like to know when you can eat.

How Soon Can I Eat After a Colonoscopy

Resuming Normal Diet

You can anticipate to feel drowsy after the colonoscopy procedure due to the sticking around results of the sedative medication. You haven’t eaten solid food for more than 12 hours, so you will likely have a hunger. You’ll be happy to understand that you can resume eating usually immediately after your procedure. University Health System in Texas, however, suggests that you begin with a snack. Vegetable soup is a good example of a light post-colonoscopy meal.

What to Eat After Colonoscopy

Q: Im currently salivating my first meal after my colonoscopy. What do you people eat? Clearly whatever appears scrumptious now, even beets!

A: I return extremely, really gradually to liquids and solids. I pack a cooled water bottle and Club Crackers with salt for the car ride home. I sip water, eat a few crackers, doze a bit, awaken and do both once again, a number of times prior to I get in the door. I then set up a table beside my bed with a pitcher of iced water, a glass with a flex straw and a bowl loaded with Club Crackers. I doze in bed but tend to wake up off and on, never ever entering a deep sleep. Each time I wake up, I drink more water, eat more crackers. After doing all of this for about 2 or 3 hours, I am prepared to eat a snack. Usually a small turkey sub or cup of soup.

I’ve found out the tough method it’s best not to leap right back into square meals with my gut.

The Club Crackers appear to really assist, most likely the salt replentishes my electrolytes too.

I posted this in other places however I likewise feign drowsiness, so the recovery room nurses need to offer me 2 bags of IV fluids. One time a nurse informed me not to rush out of there even if I felt guilty my partner had to ultimately go back to work. She stated – you need more than 1 bag of fluids in some cases. And she was right.

If I do all of the above, by evening I’m feeling almost normal again.

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