Why Does My Spine Crack?

cracking or popping your spine

When you sit still at your desk for long hours, your neck and back might crack and pop when you lastly stand up. Is this normal? Should you be concerned? Learn why your neck cracks and your back pops, and why you must leave back adjustments to the professionals.

It’s a frequently held belief that the cracking and popping sounds you hear when you twist and flex your back comes from bubbles popping in your joints. This theory, which was originally introduced in the 1970s, may really be incorrect. Here are the more likely reasons your joints fracture:

Spine Crack Caused by Bubbles Forming

Rather than the cracking sound coming from bubbling popping, numerous scientists now think it’s actually from the development of bubbles. Greg Kawchuk, the lead author of a 2015 research study, says bubbles form as the joint surfaces different due to the fact that there’s not enough joint fluid to fill the enlarged space. A gas-filled cavity is created, which’s what makes the noise you relate to cracking your back.

Spine Crack Caused by Bubbles Being Released

Putting pressure on a joint could also cause the oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide gases present between joints to release, just like the release of gases when you open a soda can.

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Spine Crack Caused by Negative Pressure

Another theory is that when the joint surfaces different, synovial fluid enters to fill the space. The increase of fluid is what makes the noise and produces a specific sensation when you pop a joint.

Spine Crack Caused by Tendons and Ligaments

It’s possible that the “popping” sound you hear isn’t really a joint popping at all. What you might be hearing is the noise of a tendon rapidly snapping over a joint or a ligament tightening up rapidly when the joint relocations. These noises most often occur in the knee or ankle joints when you stand from a seated position or pace the stairs.

Is it Dangerous to Pop Your Back?

Often a quick motion here or a twist there will accidentally cause your back or neck to pop. As long as this only occurs in small amounts, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, you must never look for to pop your back or split your neck in order to relieve pain or stiffness. When you purposefully pop your back frequently, you could extend the ligaments to the point of becoming unstable. This might:

  • Hinder the ligaments’ capability to stabilize your joints.
  • Cause inappropriate spine alignment.
  • Cause pinched nerves.
  • Cause chronic stiffness, inflammation and pain.

Besides, when you pop your back in an effort to eliminate pain, the joints you end up cracking are those that are currently extended too thin, not the ones that are locked tight and causing you pain. So you’re not truly fixing the problem by popping your back.

Follow Up

Cracking your own back can provide temporary relief, but you’ll never get at the root of the issue without a professional chiropractic practitioner’s aid. Professionals are trained to carry out back modifications to reverse your pain, not merely offer temporary relief while triggering problems in other areas. With the aid of x-rays and a physical exam, chiropractic physicians can determine which areas of your neck and back are locked tight and which areas are too stretched out.

A healthy spine only requires a couple of changes prior to it resumes appropriate function and stops harming. This implies you do not need to go through constant spinal control to be pain-free over the long term.

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