How to Strengthen Arm Muscles After Injury?

While any injury can be devastating, arm injuries can avoid the completion of even standard jobs. Healing can take substantial time and effort to complete just to go back to fundamental proficiency. Once recovered, muscle atrophy in the injured arm provides a number of challenges.

To rebuild your arm strength following an injury, there are numerous elements to consider. The most important element to think about is making sure to avoid re-aggravating the initial injury. Do not try to restore arm strength up until your injury is recovered, and do so under the assistance of licensed physical therapist.

What to Do to Strengthen Your Arm after Injury?

Target Muscles

The 3 primary muscle groups in the arm are the biceps, the triceps muscles and the lower arms. While there many small individual muscles through the upper extremities, exercises that target the major muscle groups will help redevelop a base level of strength in the previously injured arm. If the injury is a muscle tear or sprain, pay unique attention to avoid re-tearing that muscle. If the injury was a joint injury in the wrist, elbow or shoulder, focus your strength rehab on slow and stable training.


The lower arms are engaged by various exercises that target the biceps and triceps muscles. The secret for rebuilding stamina is to select standard exercises that highlight a complete range of motion for each repetition. The standing dumbbell curl will help you reconstruct stamina in the biceps, as long as the movement is smooth and constant. Hammer curls will engage the biceps as well as the forearms. Lying triceps extensions will also engage the lower arms while you target the triceps. Triceps muscles presses likewise offer a basic, smooth movement for working the triceps.

strengthening arm after injury

Strengthening arm after injury

Set Schedule

The focus of rebuilding arm strength is to prevent strongly overloading the target muscles at the beginning. You have to begin more slowly than one normally would, concentrating on re-establishing muscle memory for the types of each exercise, while protecting joints, tendons and muscles. For the first couple of weeks, use standard sets of 8 to 10 repetitions using reasonably light weight. The weight ought to be no more than 75 percent of your previous typical optimum capacity prior to the injury.


The type of equipment you use will depend upon the type and severity of the injury. Normally, to focus on rebuilding stamina in a single arm, you will devote particular attention to that arm with making use of dumbbells or a cable television attached to a stacked weight machines. You likewise have the option of devoted lever-actuated machines that supply resistance with stacked weight plates, and guide you through an exact type that triggers target muscles. This option is perfect for restoring strength following serious injury, as it helps re-teach you appropriate type, and helps you re-establish fundamental strength in the influenced arm.


Last modified: August 13, 2016


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