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Earaches can be caused by bacteria, viruses, irritants, fungi, impacted ear wax or hearing aids. Otitis media is an inner ear or ear drum infection. Otitis externa is an ear canal infection and is also referred to as swimmer’s ear. Sweet oil can help the earaches triggered by otitis media and otitis externa.

When to Use Sweet Oil for Ears?

According to the National Library of Medicine, mild ear infections sometimes go away on their own but the Cleveland Clinic states that antibiotics are always required to treat severe otitis. Sweet oil can be used to treat mild ear infections and infections triggered by irritants or earwax.


Sweet Oil is another term for olive oil. Olive oil has been used for pharmaceutical purposes for countless years. Hippocrates used olive oil to treat skin injuries and other damages. In ancient times, olive oil was also used as a base to make ointments and rubbed onto the skin and hair to make people appear much healthier. Sweet oil has actually been used effectively to soothe ear pain for many years.

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How Does It Work

Most plant oils loose some of their health advantages since of processing. Olive oil extraction does not require heating or other nutrient draining treatment. The antioxidant and vitamins in olive oil are believed to supply additional recovery benefits as an outcome of this minimal processing.

Olive oil includes anti-oxidants, flavonoids, amino acids, and Vitamins E and A. Skin issues that can cause otitis externa are regularly treated effectively with vitamin E or olive oil. According to Drug.com, olive oil drops are an effective way to reduce ear pain. U.S. Pharmacist advises placing warm sweet oil in the ear to briefly soothe otitis media ear pain. According to ENTNursing.com a few drops of olive oil in the ear daily can help get rid of the wax accumulation that causes hearing loss and ear pain. Heat the olive oil by putting it in a container then positioning the container in hot water. Constantly test the temperature of the sweet oil before placing drops in the ear.

How to Use Sweet Oil for Ears

  1. Purchase sweet oil at the pharmacy. It is unrefined and can be found in small bottles to be used for medical purposes. Due to the fact that sweet oil from the pharmacy is unrefined, it can not be used for cooking. Or you can use the best olive oil you can find, inning accordance with Natural Home Remedies.org, which can be used for medicinal purposes as well as for cooking.
  2. Purchase the highest quality organic, extra virgin olive oil at the local organic food store if you choose to go this path rather than buying at the pharmacy. Keep it in a cool, dry cabinet to avoid wasting.
  3. Purchase a small glass dropper bottle, preferably brown, blue or dark green instead of one in clear glass. The dark color of the bottle helps to preserve the nutrients and medical qualities of the oil. Separate the bottle and dropper and boil both in water for 10 minutes to disinfect, enabling it to air dry prior to using.
  4. Fill the sterile dropper bottle with sweet or olive oil, close it and warm in a pan of warm water till it reaches body temperature. Test the oil temperature on the within your wrist to be sure it’s not too hot.
  5. Place 2-4 drops of the warmed oil in the affected ear, lying with that ear upward to enable the oil to penetrate. Olive oil has natural antiseptic properties, describes Jethro Kloss in his book “Back to Eden,” and assists to relieve ear infections and other type of earaches almost immediately.
  6. Tuck a little piece of cotton into the outer part of the ear to keep the oil from going out. Stay resting for 10-15 minutes with the head turned so the impacted ear deals with upward to allow the oil to continue to do its job relaxing away the pain.
  7. Repeat the above actions as essential till the earache has dealt with.

Other Options

Pediatricians write more prescriptions for ear infections than for any other health problem but most pediatricians agree that a number of these prescriptions are unnecessary. Dr. D.M. Spiro in the February 2008 “Current Opinion in Pediatrics” reports that, “Evidence recommends that there is marginal gain from antibiotics for the majority of children identified with acute otitis media.” Spiro suggests that treating first with painkiller is a more sensible technique to dealing with earaches. Using olive oil for ear pain is a good first step in the treatment of earaches.

Side Effects of Sweet Oil on Your Ears

Never use sweet oil in your ear if there is ear canal drainage or if the ear drum is ruptured. Speak with your healthcare provider if you have a fever or if your ear pain is severe. Never use warm sweet oil ear drops prior to first screening the temperature.

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