Treatment for Scar Tissue

Scar tissue can happen on the outside or inside of your foot, particularly due to a sports-related injury. This scar tissue can hinder your foot’s motion and strength.

Treatment and Rehab for Scar Tissue after Foot Surgery

Numerous orthopaedic specialists will arrange visits with a physical therapist to help you recover scar tissue and restore strength and flexibility. The physiotherapist is accountable for developing a rehabilitation program that will concentrate on your supporting muscles and tendons to recover the scar tissue and prevent more injury.

Proper Rest

Rest your foot regularly to prevent overexertion during daily activity. Numerous physiotherapists supply ice or heat treatments to reduce swelling and speed recovery to your scar tissue. This is done throughout your rehab. You may likewise be instructed to prop your foot at home and use ice or heat to assist in the healing process.

Daily Massage

Massage your foot at the injury site for 5 to 10 minutes each day. According to Marjorie Brook, a New York-based certified massage therapist, massage increases flow to scar tissue, assisting reconstruct and distribute collagen fibers reducing scarring and speeding the healing procedure.

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Scar tissue on foot (image)
Scar tissue on foot (image)


Stretch your ankles and foot arch two to three times everyday to increase versatility. As scar tissue types, your foot’s natural movement is prevented as your muscles end up being stiff. This is a normal part of the recovery process. Stretching your foot muscles will warm the affected area and avoid stiffening from taking place.

Joints Rotating

Rotate each joint in your foot daily to increase range of movement. Series of motion is essential to bring back full motion and recovery potential to scar tissue. By rolling your ankle or bending your foot a number of times a day, you can increase natural motion and help increase blood flow to the scar tissue.


Increase your exercise regimens slowly. Going back to full activity can worsen scar tissue and cause further injury. Start working out a few minutes daily, slowly including one to two minutes to your workout time each time. This allows scar tissue to heal and muscle strength to return naturally.

Take all medications as recommended by your doctor. Medication is an integral part of your rehab.


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