Why Does a Vagina Smell Like Poop?

If your vagina smells like feces it is really makes you sick. This odor is so strong and people around can feel it. What causes the problem and how to deal with poop smelling vagina?

Vagina Smells Like Poop

Typical situation with young woman: she found that your vagina has strong strange odor like faces:

Q: I have had an actually nasty odor for about 2-3 weeks, an odor I have never had prior to. It smells like an old tampon or feces. I have recently begun eating less and taking vitamins, B-complex, E, and C. I believed it was due to the fact that I was on the Atkins Diet, however it has actually continued despite the fact that I have actually not continued the diet. I have actually done research and the outcomes do not limit anything. Might be a tampon lost to cervical cancer.

People try to help to her. One woman replied:

  • I have been having the same issue for several years and I’ve been treated for BV and in the past Clindamyacin and Flagul used to work and now they do not. I know I am using the medications correctly to no get. I douche. The poop smell returns. I have purchased feminine washes, they do not work. I really do not know what to do now because now the odor is so bad everybody I come near can smell it and its awkward. People immediately believe you are filthy or you have bad hygiene which is not the case. I am depressed and self-destructive about this since its been going on so long and no doctor is able to assist.

Second opinion was much helpful:

  • I’ve been told by numerous medical professionals that douching is a no-no! Since you damage the balance in your vaginal area when you douche, it’s gonna stink! I didn’t believe my doctor at first, however he was right. Douching is truly bad for that area. I know you feel obliged to due to the fact that of the odor – however attempt not to. Likewise contact your doctor about a candidate infection (yeast). High levels of Candida in your body can cause this issue likewise. I’ve been juicing carrots for weeks and the amount of yeast and phlegm that is excreted has been incredible. Likewise, drink water! It’s crucial to flush your body.

As you can see this problem quite popular. And doctor continuously asked about this condition.

Why Does My Vagina Smell Like Poop and What I Can Do?

So I used to have this actually bad poop odor 3 years earlier and I used to obtain made fun of for it. Since then I’ve used a pad every single day for 3 years. I constantly have discharge and it smells quite bad, but not always like poop. I used to clean and wipe back to front because no one informed me any different, however I’ve just recently altered that. I used to clean inside the lips with soap quite roughly also. And now I just wash the outside, but I feel that does not clean enough. How do I get to smell much better down there?

What Does Doctor Recommend

It sounds like you have been experiencing malodorous vaginal discharge from years and I suggest that you speak with an OBGYN. From your description, it is possible that you are experiencing a condition called bacterial vaginosis which is an overgrowth of bacteria in the vaginal area. It can cause white to clear discharge that can smell like feces sometimes. It doesn’t cause much pain or discomfort but it can cause some itching. Bacterial vaginosis is not known to be sent sexually. It is more than likely triggered by an imbalance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in the vagina. All women have lactobacillus, which is a type of bacteria, in the vagina. They help produce an acidic environment in the vagina that kills off other organisms; therefore, the vagina is known to be a self cleansing system that does not need “additional” cleansing. If you do clean it with harsh soaps or other cleaning reagents, it can kill the helpful lactobacillus. The vagina will not have the acidic environment that secures it from other organisms. This frequently causes overgrowth of other bacteria or yeasts that can cause problems. You should might a consultation with an OBGYN doctor to have it examined to make sure there are no concerning medical conditions that is adding to your condition.

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