Why My Neck Feels Swollen and Sore?
Your neck/throat is sore, your head hurts, and you feel definitely miserable. Upon hearing this, the
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throat hurts to swallow and talk
Hurts to Swallow on Right or Left Side of Throat
Painful swallowing is relatively typical. People of all ages may experience it. This symptom has numerous
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ear pain when chewing or swallowing
Ear Pain When Chewing
Ear pain can be the reason for a long list of conditions, however if you experience ear pain when chewing
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Fullness in Ears
Numerous patients experience a sensation of pressure within the middle ears. This sensation resembles
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throat cancer symptoms
Throat Cancer
Cancer is a class of diseases in which abnormal cells multiply and divide frantically in the body.
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Mucus in Nose for Weeks
Why you have bloody, green, yellow or other type and color of the mucus in your nose? Why it continues
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smelly mucus when blowing nose
What Causes Smelly Mucus in Nose?
Smelly mucus in nose can be due to lots of factors, consisting of infections and allergies.
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Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Epiglottis
Cancer of the supraglottis (supraglottic cancer) is almost specifically squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).
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Sharp Pain in Chest When Swallowing
Swallowing pain is any pain or pain while swallowing. You might feel it high in the neck or lower down
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Why I Have Black Boogers (Mucus)?
Nasal mucus is extremely beneficial stuff! It serves as a barrier, keeping dirt and germs far from the
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Bad Taste in Mouth
Individuals have been taking their taste for granted for many years till something unusual occurs, that
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Crackling Sound in Ear
Crackling sound in ear is not normal. It might show something incorrect with your ears Though a common
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