Kidneys & Urinary System
Excess Protein in the Kidney
Excess protein in the kidney is called proteinuria. This is evaluated in the urine and can also be called albuminuria or urine albumin. A lot of proteins
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Bladder Sling ComplicationsKidneys & Urinary System
Bladder Sling Complications
A bladder sling is utilized to deal with stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in women. A bladder sling is made from strips of medical mesh and is normally
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Pyelonephritis and pregnancyKidneys & Urinary System
Kidney Infection in Pregnancy
Amongst the lots of modifications that take place in the body during pregnancy is an increase in the danger of establishing an infection of the urinary tract.
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Chronic PyelonephritisKidneys & Urinary System
Chronic Pyelonephritis
Chronic pyelonephritis is continuing pyogenic infection of the kidney that occurs virtually specifically in patients with major anatomic problems.
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