What Is Dicyclomine Used for?

what is dicyclomine hcl used for

Dicyclomine oral tablet is a prescription drug that’s only offered as a generic drug. Generic drugs generally cost less. In many cases, they may not be available in every strength or form as the brand-name variation. Most popular brand names of the medicine are Bentyl, Dicyclocot, Bentyl Syrup, Bemote.

It likewise comes as tablets or solution that you take by mouth and an injection, which is only provided by a healthcare provider in a clinic.

What Are Dicyclomine Tablets Used for?

Dicyclomine is used for treatment of symptoms such as spasms in your stomach brought on by practical bowel conditions, consisting of irritable bowel syndrome. It can be used as part of a combination therapy. This means you may need to take it with other medications.

Dicyclomine tablets are selling in 2 forms:

  • 10 mg
  • 20 mg

How Does Dicyclomine Work?

Dicyclomine HCl comes from a class of drugs called anticholinergic. A class of drugs is a group of medications that work in a similar way. These drugs are often used to treat similar conditions.

This drug affects particular muscles in your stomach and intestines called the smooth muscles. It assists to unwind these muscles to relieve the convulsions that practical bowel disorders cause in this part of your digestion system.

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Dicyclomine Side Effects

Dicyclomine oral tablet might cause drowsiness. You shouldn’t do anything that requires you to be mentally alert, such as owning or operating machinery, until you understand how this drug affects you. This drug may likewise cause other side effects.

Common side effects

The more typical side effects of dicyclomine can consist of:

  • drowsiness
  • dizziness
  • anxiousness
  • dry mouth
  • nausea
  • blurry vision
  • weak point

If these impacts are mild, they might disappear within a couple of days or a few weeks. If they’re more severe or do not disappear, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Serious side effects

Call your doctor immediately if you have severe side effects. Call 911 if your symptoms feel deadly or if you believe you’re having a medical emergency situation. Severe side effects and their symptoms can include the following:

  • Irregular or rapid heart rate
  • Eye problems. Symptoms can consist of:
    • blurry vision
    • problem moving your eyes
    • sensitivity to light
  • Allergies. Symptoms can include:
    • swelling of your face, tongue, throat, arms, and legs
    • problem breathing or swallowing
    • skin rash, welts, or hives
  • Temporary episodes of memory loss
  • Irritation
  • Confusion
  • Misconceptions
  • Disorientation
  • Hallucinations
  • Abrupt and unusual mood or behavior changes
  • Reduced breast milk production in women who are breast-feeding
  • Skin problems. Symptoms can consist of:
    • redness
    • rash
    • inflammation of your skin


  • Dicyclomine tablet is only offered as a generic drug.
  • It is likewise offered in a pill and solution that you take by mouth and an injection, which is only offered by a healthcare provider in a clinic.
  • Dicyclomine is used to treat convulsions in your stomach brought on by practical bowel disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome.
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