What to Eat During Periods to Reduce Pain

Do you know what to eat to reduce pain during periods? You’ve experienced it: cramps running through your abdominal area and it looking like nothing will help. You have actually taken pain relievers, you have actually used heating pads, you have actually spent a whole day in bed.

What to Eat During Periods to Reduce Pain?

Nevertheless, have you ever stopped to believe that what you eat during your period– and even the week before– could help your body deal with cramps and reduce other symptoms as well. Eating these 10 foods in addition to other healthy options can make a huge difference.


You hear it all over, but drinking sufficient water can fix so many problems on its own. Hydrating can avoid acne, keep away cramps, and can particularly aid with bloating. If you’re getting adequate water, your body won’t retain liquids, keeping you comfy.


Getting some calcium in your diet can be a big help in terms of cramping. Nevertheless, you do not wish to get your calcium from dairy products, because they can really activate cramps. Other sources of calcium include almonds, sesame seeds, and leafy green vegetables. There are likewise supplements readily available, however make certain to consult your doctor before taking anything he or she has actually not recommended.

What to Eat During Periods to Reduce Pain


It’s not uncommon to obtain yearnings for chocolate while you’re on your period, but you want to make certain to pick a healthier choice. Dark chocolate will please your craving, help unwind your muscles, and keep you happier without taking in the fat and dairy in other types of chocolate.


This crispy, light vegetable is full of water and has absolutely no calories. It will aid with bloating and is just helpful for you overall. If you don’t like the taste, spread it with peanut butter or dip it into the next food on this list!

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Hummus can be a great enhance to a number of the veggies you must be eating to reduce pain during periods. It’s made of chickpeas, which are not only great for you, however can help you sleep better and put you in a better mood. Eat it with celery, carrots, or some healthy wheat crackers.


This summery fruit helps your muscles relax, which will in turn reduce your cramps. It will likewise help with bloating and can even boost your state of mind, making you feel happier! You can eat it plain, drink it as a juice or in a healthy smoothie, or grill it for a delicious treat.


Have you ever heard that you should eat a banana after exercising to stop muscle cramps from settling in the next day? The same thing is true for menstrual cramps. Eat a banana before or during your cycle to prevent cramps and reduce bloating.


You must be preventing caffeine during your period, because it can make you anxious and maintain water, so kick that coffee dependency and replace it with tea. Different types of tea can assist with different symptoms. For example, green tea can help with cramps, while peppermint tea can soothe an upset stomach.

What to Eat During Periods to Reduce Pain


Leafy green vegetables are a superfood and among the things you ought to constantly have in your diet. During your period they can aid with cramps and be a terrific source of the calcium you require, as pointed out above. If you dislike the taste, try mixing it into a healthy smoothie with some fruit and almond milk.


This scrumptious, flavorful fish is stock full of omega-3 and vitamin D, both of which help with PMS symptoms, so make sure you eat this the week prior to your period. It also has anti-inflammatory results, keeping your cramps in check and decreasing bloating. Add some teriyaki sauce and bon appetit!


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