Function of Cobalt in the Human Body

cobalt in the human body

It is an essential component required for the normal performance of the pancreas. Cobalt is an important aspect in the development of cobalamin or vitamin B12. It is used in the body to assist take in and process vitamin B12. In addition, cobalt assists treat illnesses such as anemia and specific contagious diseases. Cobalt likewise assists in repair work of myelin, which surrounds and protects afferent neuron. It assists in the development of hemoglobin (red blood cells). The body might use cobalt in place of zinc.


Cobalt likewise assists regulate and promote the production of some enzymes, such as thyroxine, a thyroid hormone. It contributes in maintaining your health.

It is not easily assimilated in the body and is stored in red blood cells, liver, plasma, spleen, kidney, and pancreas. Promotes RBC formation. Triggers enzymes, changes zinc in some enzymes. Cobalt salts in percentages are important to numerous life forms, including people. It is at the core of a vitamin called vitamin B12.

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Vitamin B12

The cobalt atom in vitamin B12 is connected and surrounded to a deoxyadenosyl group, methyl group, and a cyano group or hydroxyl group. The body has a need for cobalt that is not in the ionic type of the metal however rather, for a performed metallovatimin which can not be synthesized from a basic dietary meal. Thus, the material of vitamin B12 of foods is essential is the general human nutrition.

Cobalt and Minerals

When in the form of CoC12, cobalt assists in controling casein and phosvitin phosphatases and other particular phosphoprotein phosphatases. In Addition To Nickel (Ni) and Manganese (Mn), cobalt can be a good alternative for Zinc (Zn) in the carboxypeptidase, carbonic anhydrase, angiotensin-converting enzyme, and metalloenzymes.

Functions in Our Body

  • Iron Absorption. Iron is one of the most vital nutrients that are required depending upon gender, health conditions, and other aspects. Nutritional experts recommend that cobalt, together with other aspects, can play a role in the body’s absorption of iron.
  • It is an essential component required for the normal functioning of the pancreas.
  • It might be necessary for the first stage of hormone production i.e., capture of iodine by the gland.
  • It is also essential for hemoglobin development.
  • Aids in normal development and cravings
  • It is suggested that cobalt aids with repair of the myelin sheath, increases the effectiveness of glucose transportation from the blood into body cells, and the building of red blood cells.
  • Vitamin C. Studies have revealed that there is an excellent link in between cobalt and vitamin C. The latter vitamin avoids certain conditions such as scurvy in which scarcity of this mineral can result in several symptoms such as loss of hair. Humans need big quantity of vitamin C in order to feel good and be well, and researchers have actually seen the function of cobalt in aiding the body uses the cocktails of vitamin C and other nutrients that was extracted from green vegetables, citrus fruits and other health foods.

Deficiency Symptoms

A deficiency of cobalt is equivalent to a deficiency of vitamin B12, and can cause anemia, nerve conditions, and irregularities in cell development. Also, “scaly” skin and atrophy.

Cobalt Food Sources

Beet greens, buckwheat, cabbage, dulse, figs, goldenseal, Irish moss, kelp, lettuce, mushroom, pau d’Arco, sarsaparilla, spinach, watercress. All sea veggie and green leafy vegetable.

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