Linea Nigra Without Pregnancy

All women have Linea Nigra however in some cases there not as noticible when your not pregnant than when you are. If you see it that doesn't indicate your pregnant at all though.

Linea nigra is the darkened line that appears on the abdominal area in between the pelvic bone and tummy button in women. This is in fact the Latin name for “black line”, but it isn’t really always black. If you see a linea nigra, not pregnant or if you are pregnant, know that it comes from the hormonal agent that stimulates melanocytes in your body.

A linea nigra determines about a centimeter broad and enters a vertical line from your tummy button to your pubic bone. Some women even have them run all the way up their abdomen. Depending on your complexion, it varies from really light to very dark. It isn’t quite common in women with fair skin and for anybody who gets it, the line generally goes away shortly after the child is born. This article will assist you understand more about linea nigra and give some handy tips for dealing with it.

Having Linea Nigra but not Pregnant

For most of the women, linea nigra is practically one centimeter in width, and it runs vertically from one point to another. Do not be worried about the color of this pregnancy line since the lightness or darkness depends on your own complexion. Linea nigra of those, who have fair skin complexion, might vanish within a brief period, after the birth of a baby.

Main causes why you may have these dark lines below belly button are:

  • The linea nigra can appear due to the melanin increasing from an increase in hormones. This is most typical in pregnancy due to the high levels of estrogen, however being on birth control that contains estrogen can also cause the melanin to increase.
  • Melanin may likewise increase in cases of adrenal deficiency or failure, known as Addison’s illness. This can cause a linea nigra and darkening of skin in other areas. This condition needs to be checked, identified and treated right now to prevent issues.
  • Another condition that can trigger linea nigra is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). This can cause boosts in both male hormonal agents and estrogen dominance in the body. If you have a linea nigra without any unique causes, then hormone tests may be required.
Linea Nigra also called Linea Alba
The exact time when Linea Alba becomes noticeable is unidentified. However it was observed that in most pregnant women this line appears in the second trimester. This does not mean that it can not appear earlier.

The look of the linea nigra has a few danger factors that include:

Darker Skin
Asian, African, Indian, and Hispanic. Individuals within these ethnic groups have the tendency to experience linea nigra, not pregnant or throughout pregnancy.

Sun Exposure
If you are a devoted tanner or expose your belly to the sun, you have a greater risk of experiencing a darker and more popular linea nigra.

Do I Need to Worry If I Have Linea Nigra but Not Pregnant?

The appearance of linea nigra most often is simply a “cosmetic” problem and nothing to worry about. It isn’t in itself damaging. The real discoloration is simply increased melanin in your skin cells and only an external “acne.” The melanin doesn’t do anything within your body.

The only time you would need to worry about a linea nigra, not pregnant and you have no idea why you have it, is when it might be triggered by another condition. The 2 pointed out above: Addison’s disease and PCOS need to be assessed and dealt with by a physician as soon as possible.

If you have a linea nigra due to taking contraceptive pill, there is no have to worry and you can use the following helpful pointers to minimize and face some of the staining.

faint linea nigra not pregnant
Lots of girls/women have a visible Linea Nigra throughout their lives (regardless of pregnancy). Usually it’s most typical in women with darker skin complexions and dark hair. You can expect the Linea Nigra to become much more noticeable and pronounced during pregnancy.

How Is Linea Nigra Treated

If you have a linea nigra, there are solutions that can help fade the color of the line and alleviate your worries:

Cocoa Butter

Usage either complete strength unprocessed cocoa butter or a cocoa butter cream. You will have better results using the previous, which might be discovered in health markets and even online. In a pinch, cocoa butter cream is a little cheaper and much easier to discover, but may not be as effective. Whichever you select, just rub it on your skin a few times a day.

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Vitamin E Oil

The very best method to utilize vitamin E is to burst a capsule and rub it straight on your skin. This lightens the darkness in the location and assists prevent stretch marks. You can also discover an excellent quality lotion which contains vitamin E, but it may not be as reliable. If you get your medical professionals all right, you may also have the ability to take a vitamin E pill daily to help your skin from the inside. Never take then the recommended quantity orally.

Cover It Up

You can likewise try a dab of concealer or cover-up type makeup if you intend on baring your belly for the day. Just keep in mind if you go swimming, you will need to reapply. You may likewise wind up with a tan line around the areas over the line if the cover-up has sunscreen in it so just apply a very thin line to the linea nigra.

Lemon Juice

These are natural skin lighteners that can help in reducing dark locations of the skin. They may likewise trigger inflammation, so check a little location prior to utilizing. Hydrogen peroxide is likewise a lightener, however can be really corrosive to the skin.

Eat Healthy

Dark locations in the skin may be triggered by a shortage in folic acid. If you have actually linea nigra, make sure you are consuming foods that are abundant in folic acid, including green leafy veggies, entire grains, cereals, and oranges.

Reduce Sun Exposure

Make sure when you are out in the sun, keep your stubborn belly safeguarded by using a good sunscreen that is at least SPF 15, or keep your tummy covered.

Extrapone Nutgrass

This is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a skin lightener for age spots. It can also assist fade the linea nigra, however do not utilize during pregnancy.

How to Prevent a Linea Nigra

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to completely prevent this natural phenomenon of pregnancy.

However, if it really bothers you, there are a couple of things you can do to conceal and minimize the linea nigra:

  • Avoid the sun: Spending too much time in the sun can intensify your skin discoloration during pregnancy. When outside, use sun block or conceal your belly with clothing. You can likewise adhere to the shade, use a camping tent or umbrella, or prevent peak hours for UV rays (between 10am and 4pm).
  • Cosmetic makeup: You can powder the area to cover up the linea nigra for a few hours.
    Lemon juice: Some women recommend that the acidity of lemon juice on your skin helps fade away hyperpigmentation.
  • Eat right: There is some evidence out there that folic acid shortage is connected to skin stainings. Eating a healthy pregnancy diet plan, abundant in folic acid can help decrease (however not entirely prevent) the existence of the linea nigra. Your prenatal vitamin must have some folic acid in it, however you can likewise get folic acid from leafy greens, oranges, and whole wheat bread and cereals (source). Even if you’re welcoming this pregnancy line, it’s still crucial to obtain lots of folic acid in your diet plan, as it is important for your health and infant’s advancement.

What to Avoid

You ought to never ever use skin whitening creams to your linea nigra, especially those that contain hydroquinone. They have not been shown safe for usage throughout pregnancy or breastfeeding and have even been shown to enforce risks, such as birth defects, dark gray areas, and skin cancer.

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