Skin Rash on Stomach During Pregnancy

rash on stomach during pregnancy first trimester

Is the skin on your abdomen breaking out in itchy bumps? Although it might be unpleasant (and unsightly), these bumps aren’t hazardous to you or your baby. You’re likely suffering from what’s called PUPPP (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) or PEP (polymorphic eruption of pregnancy).


Happening in one of every 150 pregnancies, PUPPP is an itchy, rough rash– annoying however benign– that generally establishes on the abdominal area in stretch marks and in some cases appears on the thighs, butts or arms. It’s most common in novice moms and those carrying multiples. Often itching can become extremely severe and spread from stomach to the rest of the body, however never on the face.


Nobody’s truly sure. Unlike most other symptoms of pregnancy, PUPPP doesn’t seem the outcome of enhanced hormone levels. One theory suggests that fetal cells invade the mother’s skin throughout pregnancy, causing an itchy belly to establish. Another theory states PUPPP is hereditary and can be traced through the dad’s side. At any rate, PUPPP typically appears in the 3rd trimester and vanishes after giving birth.


There are numerous home solutions for PUPPP, and what’s right for you is whatever makes you feel much better. Attempt:

  • Taking an oatmeal or sodium bicarbonate bath.
  • Applying cold compresses (and have your partner refresh them frequently).
  • Utilizing aloe vera gel after you shower.
  • Wearing soft cotton clothes (and gloves if you’re a scratcher).

If the itching ends up being unbearable, consult your specialist or skin specialist about medications or anti-itching creams. (Some topical steroids are thought about safe during pregnancy however should be used in little quantities under strict medical supervision.).

Fortunately: the condition generally vanishes after delivery and doesn’t repeat in subsequent pregnancies.


Oral steroids are typically considered no-nos during pregnancy. If you’re close to your delivery date, your specialist may consider inducing labor if the itchiness is so intense that you have to be treated with such drugs.

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Sadly, there are none. If you’re getting PUPPP, you’re getting it. Aim to keep in mind, it’s temporary!

What moms say


This sounds like something I had when I was on third trimester. A rash flared up first on my belly, then traveled down my legs and up my breast. This certain rash has a name called PUPPPS– Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP), also referred to as polymorphic eruption of pregnancy, is the most typical rash in pregnant females. And the medical professionals stated that it needs to vanish once I provide my baby. Nevertheless, what is more fascinating is that I also developed this rash when my daughter was 5 months. Through rational deduction, I found out that the rash was set off by the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stretch mark cream. I had actually never utilized Palmer’s Stretch Mark lotion prior to and considering that this was my first pregnancy, I had no chance of knowing if I disliked the cream or not. So take care of the lotions that you use to alleviate your pain.


I’m 28 weeks pregnant and had the very same rash appear on stomach and back on first trimester – and it seems like fire! Obviously it is brought on by (surprise) the hormone modifications your body is undergoing at this time. To help cope, I’ve relieved the area with pure aloe vera gel every early morning and night, which cools it, and a shea butter lotion, typical for pregnant tummies. After that dries, prior to bedtime, I pat baby powder on the surface area of the skin, and make certain to wear just cotton (cotton clothing, cotton sheets), never ever synthetic or nylon, which assists to skin to breath during the night. Also, it’s good to prevent hot steaming showers, just keep the streaming water warm. Aveeno oatmeal bath is fantastic too. I would prevent longterm use of antihistamine medications … the best part is that after the hormonal surge is over, and the baby bulges, the condition disappears.


I have actually had this the last few weeks. Ughhhhh An red bumpy rash, intensely itchy, all over my shoulders/arms, back, bottom, and legs. Exacerbated by heat and eliminated by NOTHING! No doctor has actually had an idea what it is! Being a Registered Nurse, I ruled out lots of things, did lots of research and found that it is “cutaneous candida fungus” which is generally a yeast infection of the skin typically caused by to many yeast/bread foods and acidic foods such as orange juice, pickles, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and so on. Treated safely with eating yogurt with live acidophilus cultures, cleaning the affected area with apple cider vinegar (will burn and sting up until dry – however drys out bumps and stops the itching), and to soothe you can coat the skin with yogurt (the very same kind you bought to eat) and let sit for an hour before washing off. For more agressive treatment, consult with your OB about possibly applying Nystatin mouthwash or Monistat cream topically to the area or oral Diflucan Pills.

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