How Many Calories in One Egg?

how many calories 1 egg

An egg is typically thought to be a “superfood” due to the fact that it is so high in protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fats. In fact, one big egg every day can provide about 15 percent of your daily protein requires. Although each egg includes a little over 200 mg of cholesterol, studies show that consuming even an egg every day will not increase the risk for heart disease in an otherwise healthy person. The number of calories are there in an egg? The short response is: It depends upon the size of the egg and how you cook it.

How Many Calories in an Egg?

1. Hard-boiled Egg

A medium sized hard-boiled egg without any additives will include about 70 calories to your diet. That is why including an egg to your salad is a great thing to do. You will include few calories but a lot of nutrition. Be careful of including dressing, though, since those ingredients will make the calories sky rocket.

2. Fried Egg and Scrambled Egg

Once again, the calories in an egg are primarily in the preparation. Fry the egg and you increase the calories to anywhere from 90 to 95 calories. Rush an egg with milk and the calorie count goes up to 100 or more calories for each egg!

In addition to method of preparation, the size of the egg will also affect the number of calories. This table uses sizing that you will find in eggs packaged for retail sale in a supermarket.

Boiled or plainly poached eggs


Calorie Content

1 cup of boiled egg chopped (approximately 3 medium eggs or 136g)

210 calories

1 jumbo egg

About 90 calories

1 extra-large egg

About 80 calories

1 large egg

About 75 calories

1 medium egg

About 70 calories

1 small egg

About 55 calories

1 ounce of boiled egg chopped

About 45 calories

Uncooked eggs (Due to health concerns, it is not recommended that you consume uncooked eggs)


Calorie Content

1 jumbo raw egg

About 90 calories

1 extra-large raw egg

About 80 calories

1 large raw egg

About 75 calories

1 medium raw egg

About 65 calories

1 small raw egg

About 55 calories

Egg whites (plainly cooked or uncooked)

1 egg white from a large egg

About 18 calories

Egg yolk (plainly cooked or uncooked)

1 egg yolk from a large egg

About 55 calories

Double Egg yolk (plainly cooked or uncooked)

1 large egg with a double yolk

About 235 calories.

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