Is Egg Drop Soup Good for You?

health benefits of egg drop soup

Getting takeout from a Chinese restaurant does not indicate that your meal needs to be high in fat and calories. The most healthy choices are those which contain a variety of veggies and aren’t dipped in batter or fried. Amongst the appetisers at the majority of Chinese dining establishments, egg drop soup is one of the much healthier options.


A cup of egg drop soup consists of 65 calories, 2.8 grams of protein, 10.3 grams of carbs and just 1.5 grams of fat. Although egg drop soup isn’t an especially good source of the majority of vitamins or minerals, it does consist of 15.7 milligrams of vitamin C, which is 26 percent of the everyday value. Your body requires this vitamin to make collagen, repair tissues and heal wounds. Vitamin C is likewise an antioxidant, which helps limit cell damage from spin-offs of metabolic process called free radicals.

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Low Energy Density

Broth-based soups like egg drop soup are low in energy density, which means that they don’t consist of numerous calories per gram owing to their high water content. Consuming foods that are low in energy density at the start of your meal will assist you consume less calories in general at that meal. Filling on low-energy-density foods can be an excellent way to preserve a healthy weight.


Although otherwise not especially unhealthy, egg drop soup from a dining establishment is likely to be extremely high in sodium. Each cup of egg drop soup contains 892 milligrams of sodium, which has to do with 39 percent of the recommended everyday limitation of 2,300 milligrams for healthy people. Frequently consuming too much sodium can raise your blood pressure, increasing your risk for heart disease. Limitation other high-sodium foods on the days you eat egg drop soup.

Keep in mind: Reduce fat and calories by beginning your meal with egg drop soup rather of egg rolls.

Healthy Egg Drop Soup

For a much healthier variation of egg drop soup, make it yourself and limit the quantity of salt using low-sodium chicken broth and adding no additional salt during cooking. Add veggies such as scallions, corn and bean sprouts to the soup to increase the fiber and micronutrient content. To make a meal of egg drop soup, add some shrimp or tofu for protein.

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