Obesity Long and Short Term Effects

Like many chronic illnesses, weight problems effects are damaging to your long-term health. Because 34% of American women fall under the obesity classification, it is necessary to understand the brief and long term consequences of obesity and a few of the best tools for treatment and prevention.

Short Term Obesity Effects

Weight problems is defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. Individuals with this extreme quantity of added weight may suffer from the following short-term effects due to their size:

Obesity long term health effects
Obesity long term health effects

Long Term Obesity Effects

While the initial discomforts and illness associated with weight problems might seem bothersome and unpleasant for sufferers, the obesity long term risk factors are quite serious, according to iytmed.com. Gradually, weight problems victims are at high risk for the following health concerns:

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In addition to these long-term individual health effects for obesity victims themselves, pregnant women with weight problems issues have elevated dangers for long-lasting health issues for their unborn infants. Those health threats include an increased chance of miscarriages and abnormality consisting of Spina Bifida — the leading cause of youth paralysis.

Solutions for Treatment and Prevention

Although genetics and medical disease can contribute in weight problems, in many cases, diet and absence of workout are essential causes of the disease. Fortunately is that diet and workout are controllable aspects that can play a huge role in avoiding and treating weight problems!

Oftentimes, obesity is a curable illness where the success rates can be high– specifically when the individual’s inspiration is also high. The more willing the patient is to follow recommended treatment, the better the outcome. Treatment strategies include some or even all the following therapies:

  • Workout therapy. Science has discovered that an inactive lifestyle is a key factor in obesity. By including cardiovascular and strength training exercises with an increase in everyday physical exercise, overweight clients can leap start their metabolic process and weight loss quickly.
  • Dietary therapy. Science has actually linked diets high in salt, fat and sugar to obesity. In addition, extra-large portions contribute greatly to weight problems. By replacing sugar, salt and fat with entire grains, fruits, veggies and lean proteins, dietary therapy can enhance both short-term and long term health risks quickly. In addition, the decreased calorie and fat diet will help the body burn more of its fat shops for energy.
  • Behavorial therapy. In some obesity cases, unsolved psychological problems can cause over-eating. Keeping a food journal of what you eat and when can help pinpoint those areas for resolution with an experienced therapist.
  • Medication/supplemental therapy. In some cases your physician or nutritional expert can recommend medications, herbs or supplements that can be valuable in dropping weight and enhancing metabolism.

In really severe cases, obesity surgery can be successful, when advised by a trained doctor.


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