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Inner thigh pain can stop individuals in their tracks. It may last a couple of minutes and even a couple of hours and will vary according to its underlying cause. It might feel like a stabbing pain or a general ache. Frequently inner thigh pain is more prevalent at night, keeping the sufferer awake for hours. This pain could be a consequence of extreme workout leading to a strained muscle, or it might result from a health condition. In this short article we will explore the different causes of sore inner thigh muscles and effective treatments.

Causes of Sore Inner Thigh Muscles


When the adductor (inner thigh muscle) is strained or pulled it can lead to inner thigh or groin pain. The most typical muscular injury is a strain, which results if the muscle is overstretched. This pain will be localized to the inner thigh or groin area and will greatly restrict movement. Running or high impact sports make an individual susceptible to muscle strain. Turning or stopping all of a sudden during an activity can also lead to a muscle strain. Exercise induced inner thigh pain can vary from severe to moderate, depending upon the extent of muscle strain. Moderate pain will result if the muscle connecting the thigh bone to the pubic bone is strained, while it will be more severe if there is a total rupture. If during workout or activity you feel a persistent ache or severe unbearable pain, inner thigh muscle or groin strain has likely took place, so the activity should be discontinued.

Health Condition

  • Inguinal (groin) hernia: This is one of the most typical kinds of a hernia. They happen in the groin area, where the skin of the thigh intersects with the torso. This kind of hernia can cause inner thigh pain. One method to determine if a hernia is triggering your thigh pain is to check for any abnormal bulges in the groin area. This bulge is a clear indicator of an inguinal hernia. Hernias can be a condition that you are born with or one that is caused by lots of other factors. Obesity, considerable lifting, and excessive/rough coughing are simply 3 potential causes.
  • Kidney stones: Inner thigh pain might even be a symptom of kidney stones. This pain can either be localized to the thigh or groin area. The primary reason for kidney stones is a high level of a specific compound present in your urine that develops a little crystal like matter. Inner thigh pain brought on by kidney stones is really intense and emerges rather unexpectedly. This pain will take place in spasms; it is severe and then decreases in between the spasms.
  • Osteoarthritis: This is the swelling of the joints that arises from cartilage degeneration. This degeneration of the cartilage can be due to aging, genetics, an accident, or disease. The most popular symptom of this medical condition is pain in the impacted joints. This pain generally worsens as the day advances. Other symptoms consist of creaking, swelling, and warmth in the joints.
  • Pubis Dysfunction: This is mainly experienced by pregnant women. The pelvic ligament that keeps their pelvic bone in location ends up being relaxed, makings the pelvic bone unstable. The ligaments become relaxed due to a hormonal agent that makes the ligaments flexible to facilitate the baby’s exit. The primary symptom of this medical condition is intense pain in the hips, which can radiate down into other regions, including the inner thigh. This pain will be intensified by walking, standing, or rolling.
  • Osteosarcoma: This cancerous development materializes in an individual’s bone. This type of bone cancer generally impacts children and teenagers; this is the most typical kind of bone cancer in children. The growth usually happens in the shin, thigh, or arm. The symptoms include bone pain, which can manifest as inner thigh pain, restricted mobility, inflammation, swelling, and inflammation at the site of the development.
    Other causes of inner thigh pain are side effects of surgery, septic arthritis, sciatica, lipoma, and edema.

Sore inner thigh muscles can appear also during pregnancy, from running, for no reason, after riding, after running, from exercise, etc

Treatment for Sore Inner Thigh Muscles


If your inner thigh pain is entirely muscular, you can correct the circumstance at home if it is not too severe. You ought to first stop any activity and rest the leg. Rest is important to recovery, so keep your legs raised and non-active. Using an ice bag to the painful region will reduce the swelling and may even decrease the damage. The ice pack must just be obtained a minimal time, around 20-30 minutes at the most.

Lastly, you can cover it with a plaster or a compression wrap. This will apply pressure giving it the required support for healing and will likewise lower the pain. Once the swelling has decreased and the pain becomes manageable, you should perform groin stretches.

There are a range of different exercises that can aid in enhancing movement of the groin and thigh. One example is to rest on the ground and put the soles of your feet together. Then grip your feet with your hands and gradually lower your knees to the ground. Never force the muscles or strain them during these exercises; perform them slowly and carefully. These exercises need to never ever lead to pain. A medical professional must resolve severe sore inner thigh muscles.

Medical Condition

  • Hernia: If you are identified with a hernia, then you will likely be needed to undergo a procedure. Until the date of your surgery, you will be advised to avoid heavy lifting or any other straining activity to decrease the possibility of the hernia increasing in size.
  • Kidney stones: If you have kidney stones, seek medical attention instantly. Pain medication will be administered to help you deal with the sharp pain and you will be kept well hydrated by means of intravenous fluids. Kidney stones will typically pass naturally, but if they remain in a hard position or are big in size, outside help may be required. Those who experience kidney stones regularly may not have to go to the emergency clinic. Regular sufferers might be able to dull the pain with over-the-counter pain medication; they likewise have to sufficiently hydrate themselves.
  • Osteoarthritis: There is no certain treatment for osteoarthritis, however the symptoms can be handled. If you are overweight, it is recommended that you slim down to minimize the pressure on your joints. Only low effect exercises such as swimming, walking, and yoga, are recommended. High impact activity must be prevented. Pain medication need to likewise be taken either orally or straight injected into the infected joints.
  • Pubis Dysfunction: The unpredictable hips can be stabilized with a pelvic support belt, which is offered online. The pain can be maintained with physician authorized pain medication.
  • Osteosarcoma: A bone biopsy must first be performed to provide a definite medical diagnosis. Treatment can then start with chemotherapy. When chemotherapy has actually effectively reduced the size of the growth, surgery will be carried out to eliminate it.

Remedies for Sore Inner Thigh Muscles

There are a range of methods to relieve inner thigh pain at home. Below we have actually listed a couple of:

  • A hot bath might ease sore inner thigh muscles to a particular level.
  • Massage the inner thigh with oils, such as mustard, olive or primrose oil.
  • Applying a medicinal ointment to the afflicted area may reduce the discomfort.
  • Keeping the thigh area covered with warm clothes may prevent the pain from worsening.
  • Taking vitamin and mineral supplements such as Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, may lower the pain.
  • A really hot heating pad or cloth applied to the inner thigh.

Ideally upon reading this article you will be able to figure out the reason for your sore inner thigh muscles. Maybe you have simply used up running and the pain is a natural effect of this brand-new physical activity, or maybe you have a hidden health condition. If the latter holds true for you, contact your health expert immediately.


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