Ankle and Foot Pain After Total Knee Replacement

Who Needs Knee Replacement Surgery?

You and your doctor might consider knee replacement surgery if you have a stiff, painful knee that makes it hard to carry out even the most basic of activities, and other treatments are no longer working. This surgery is typically reserved for people over age 50 who have severe osteoarthritis.

What Happens During Knee Replacement Surgery?

Once you are under general anesthesia (meaning you are briefly put to sleep) or spinal/epidural anesthesia (numb below the waist), an 8- to 12-inch cut is made in the front of the knee. The broken part of the joint is gotten rid of from the surface of the bones, and the surfaces are then shaped to hold a metal or plastic synthetic joint. The artificial joint is connected to the thigh bone, shin and knee cap either with cement or a special product. When fit together, the attached artificial parts form the joint, relying on the surrounding muscles and ligaments for support and function.

Hurt after total knee replacement

Hurt after total knee replacement

Why Does Ankle and Foot Pain After Total Knee Replacement Happen?

Ankle and foot pain after TKR typically is not continuous but area is sensitive to touch and every now and then it will start to painfully tingle, buzz, throb, burn, concurrently. In addition to the pain you may have the most painful area inside of your knee after surgery. Also in most of the time you may have foot and ankle pain in the middle of the night.

Ankle and Foot Pain After TKR may caused by:

  • soft tissue irritation
  • torn peroneal tendon
  • fall or injury
  • muscle stress syndrome

What Other Say About Ankle and Foot Pain After Total Knee Replacement

  • I had the same issue after my 2nd TKR on my left knee, cannot keep in mind the term that was used but it was something muscle stress syndrome & I was described a podiatrist who provided me with developed insoles for my shoes, this in fact assisted after a few days & the pain practically vanished, I would generally have the pain at night after I ‘d been walking throughout the day, the insoles truly assisted me so it might be worth giving them a go? Hope your able to obtain something sorted out?
  • Regrettably I am experiencing ankle pain and swelling following my TKR which was more than year ago. I have gone thru PT and been released by Surgeon also-he said that it is soft tissue irritation to obtain some support hose-which considered that the temperature level is 105 here; I am not ready to wear them outside. Any new recommendations, I am in fact taking pain med’s a few of the time. Help-this pain is even worse than prior to TKR.



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