How to Know if I Have a Sinus Infection?
Medically known as rhinosinusitis, a sinus infection occurs when your nasal cavities become infected, swollen, and swollen.
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Fluid Behind the EardrumEar-Throat-Nose
Otitis Media With Effusion
Otitis media with effusion (OME) is thick or sticky fluid behind the eardrum in the middle ear. It occurs without an ear infection.
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Causes of Itchy Throat and Stuffy Nose
You’re sneezing and sniffling, with a stuffy nose and an itchy throat. With these kinds of symptoms, you most likely have a cold. Then again, allergies
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how to get rid of a stuffy nose quicklyEar-Throat-Nose
How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose
Nasal congestion is a typical condition. In fact, most people get a stuffy nose from time to time. Although bothersome, it is rarely major.
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best meds for sinus infectionMedications
Best Over the Counter Medicine for Sinus Infection
Best OTC sinus medications such as decongestants, antihistamines, and painkiller can provide relief depending on your symptoms. A basic understanding of
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blood in saliva sore throatEar-Throat-Nose
Blood in Saliva
Blood in saliva might come from bleeding throughout the digestion system or respiratory system. It may signify a small trauma, an infection, or a significant
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wet itchy ear canalEar-Throat-Nose
Itchy Ear Canal
An itchy ear canal can be annoying. Here we discover 8 typical causes of itchy ear canal together with 6 effective remedies. Identify your cause and find
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swollen lymph nodes behind ear and skin rashEar-Throat-Nose
Swollen Lymph Nodes behind the Ear
Swollen lymph nodes are a sign that you are dealing with an infection. If the swollen lymph nodes behind the ear last for long, then this might be a sign
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one of the bumps behind earEar-Throat-Nose
Lump Behind Ear
What do you do if you find yourself with a painful lump behind ear on bone? Fortunately is that most of nodules or bumps behind the ears are nothing to worry about.
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Lymph NodesMiscellaneous
Swollen Occipital Lymph Node
The lymphatic system is a vital part of your body immune system. You have lymph nodes throughout your body and they assist your body recognize and combat
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knocking sound in earsEar-Throat-Nose
Thumping Sound in Ears
A thumping sound in ears is generally triggered by sound coming from the surrounding capillary. This thumping sound does not normally require treatment
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Home Remedies for Throat Obstruction
Home remedies for throat obstruction is to drink lot of warm fluids, specifically warm water. Learn more for remedies & treatment for throat obstruction.
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