Itchy Anus in Men

What Causes Itchy Anus in Men

Pruritus ani, commonly referred to as itchy anus, is a prevalent issue among males. It gives rise to an unpleasant and bothersome itch around the anal region, leading to distress and potential embarrassment.

What Causes Itchy Anus in Men

Men may feel unpleasantness and awkwardness because of an irritated rectal area, known medically as anal itch or pruritus ani. Various factors can be responsible for this condition, and we will now explore some of these possible reasons.

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  1. Poor hygiene: Men who neglect to keep their anus clean are at a higher risk of experiencing anal itching. This condition is usually caused by inadequate hygiene practices. If this area is not regularly cleaned, it can accumulate bacteria, feces, and moisture, which can ultimately lead to irritation and the need to scratch. 
  2. Hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids are enlarged blood vessels located in the anus and rectum, which can cause itching, bleeding, and discomfort. These swollen blood vessels can form as a result of different factors such as straining excessively during bowel movements, having chronic constipation, being pregnant, or being obese. 
  3. Skin conditions: Anal itching can be caused by specific skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis in males. These conditions result in inflammation and irritation of the skin surrounding the anus, ultimately leading to itching. 
  4. Anal fissures: Anal fissures are tiny cuts that can develop in the skin surrounding the anus. These cuts can be the result of various factors, including ongoing constipation, the passage of hard stools, or injury to the anal area. Anal fissures can cause pain, itchiness, and general discomfort. 
  5. Yeast infection: A yeast infection is a type of fungal infection that can occur in the skin surrounding the anus and genitals. Candida albicans is the most prevalent fungus that leads to this particular infection. Symptoms of a yeast infection can include itching, redness, swelling, and discharge. 
  6. Pinworms: Pinworms are small parasites that have the ability to invade the human intestines and result in itchiness and discomfort in the anal area, particularly during nighttime. Given their ease of transfer from one individual to another, maintaining good hygiene is crucial. 

How to Treat

Regardless of the cause, it’s important to treat an itchy anus promptly to alleviate discomfort and prevent any potential complications. In this post, we’ll discuss some tips and remedies for treating an itchy anus in men.

  1. Keep the area clean and dry: Maintaining good hygiene is essential for treating an itchy anus. Make sure to clean the area thoroughly after having a bowel movement and use dry toilet paper. Avoid using wet wipes or scented products as they can further irritate the skin. Be sure to dry the area completely after washing.
  2. Use a medicated cream: Over-the-counter creams containing hydrocortisone or zinc oxide can help soothe and reduce itching. Apply the cream to the affected area as directed on the product label. It’s important not to use these creams for longer than recommended as it can cause skin thinning or other complications.
  3. Take an oatmeal bath: An oatmeal bath can provide relief from itching and irritation. Add a cup of oatmeal to a warm bath and soak for 15-20 minutes. Make sure to pat the area dry with a clean towel after the bath.
  4. Avoid tight clothing: Tight-fitting clothing can promote sweating and increase irritation. Wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid synthetic fabrics that can trap moisture.
  5. Avoid certain foods: Some foods may trigger itching around the anus, particularly spicy foods, caffeine, and quit alcohol. Consider avoiding these foods or reducing your intake to see if it improves your symptoms.
  6. Consider medical attention: In some cases, an itchy anus may be a sign of an underlying condition such as hemorrhoids, infection, or a sexually transmitted disease. If your symptoms persist or worsen, or if you experience bleeding, discharge, or pain, seek medical attention promptly.

How can a man inconspicuously scratch his anus when in public?

  1. Excuse yourself – If you need to scratch your anus in public, the easiest way to do it is to excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. This way, you can scratch away without offending anyone.
  2. Use an object – If you can’t make it to the bathroom, try using an object to scratch instead. A pen, a key, or even a folded piece of paper can work well.
  3. Pretend to tie your shoe – If you’re in a public place and you need to scratch your anus, pretend to tie your shoe. This way, you can discretely reach down and scratch without anyone noticing.
  4. Shift your weight – Sometimes shifting your weight from one foot to the other can relieve the itchiness. Try doing this regularly throughout the day to prevent the need to scratch.
  5. Wear loose-fitting clothes – Tight clothing can increase the likelihood of itching, so opt for loose-fitting clothes instead. This will reduce the amount of friction between your skin and clothing, reducing your chances of itching.
  6. Use medicated wipes – Consider carrying medicated wipes with you wherever you go. These can provide immediate relief for any itches or discomfort you may experience.

Important to remember that scratching your anus in public can be embarrassing or offensive to those around you. Try out these inconspicuous methods first, and if all else fails, excuse yourself to a private place where you can scratch to your heart’s content.


  1. Itchy anus is a common condition that affects men of all ages.
  2. The most common cause of itchy anus in men is poor hygiene.
  3. Other factors contributing to an itchy anus may encompass sexually transmitted infections (STIs), psoriasis, and hemorrhoids.
  4. Men who engage in anal sex are more likely to experience itchy anus.
  5. Itchy anus may also be a symptom of other underlying health conditions, such as diabetes or an autoimmune disorder.
  6. To avoid experiencing discomfort in the anus, it is important to uphold proper personal hygiene by thoroughly cleansing the area after using the restroom.
  7. Over-the-counter treatments such as creams, ointments, and wipes can provide relief from itching and other symptoms associated with itchy anus.
  8. Prescription drugs may be required in more serious instances to address the root cause of anal itching.
  9. Avoiding irritants such as harsh soaps, perfumes, and tight-fitting clothing can help prevent itchy anus.
  10. Itchy anus can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition, but seeking prompt medical treatment can help alleviate symptoms and prevent complications.
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