Basic information about prostatitis in men

The first signs of prostatitis in men, especially mild, rarely taken seriously. Such a frivolous attitude to your body can, however, lead to a hospital bed and seriously complicate life. To avoid this, any man needs to monitor their health and take preventive measures, especially in adulthood.

About prostatitis a lot of writing and talking, often exaggerating or downplaying the danger. How are things in reality and what are the main symptoms of prostatitis?

The prostate gland (prostate) is an important part of the male reproductive system: it produces a secret that provides motor activity and viability of sperm. The secret contains enzymes, immunoglobulins, citric acid, vitamins, zinc ions. In violation of the prostate sexual function of the male body is reduced.

The most common disease of the prostate gland is its inflammation-prostatitis. Usually it is exposed at the age of 20-50 years. The older the man, the higher the risk of disease. Prostatitis occurs in acute or chronic form, is often difficult to diagnose and can lead to persistent prostate dysfunction. The most severe consequences of prostatitis are infertility and prostate cancer. About half of able-bodied men suffer from Chronic prostatitis.

Modern medicine is actively engaged in the treatment of prostatitis. Prostatitis, in fact, successfully treated-it is only important to diagnose it as soon as possible. Only the initial signs of prostatitis appear, it is necessary to consult a urologist. In the early stages, outpatient treatment is possible, in advanced cases, the patient is hospitalized. The course of treatment in both cases is one to two weeks, after which the patient is required to take preventive measures to prevent new inflammation of the prostate. The frequency of recurrence of chronic prostatitis is more than 50%.

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