Pain on Inside of Knee

Medial knee pain is pain on the inside of the knee which generally comes on gradually as opposed to an abrupt acute knee injury. Pain on the within the knee is usually an intense injury triggered by an abrupt injury, however it can come on gradually over time with bad biomechanics and overuse. Listed below we detail the most common medial knee injuries along with a few of the less common causes and essential conditions which should not be missed out on.

Why Do I have Pain Inside My Knee?

Medial knee pain is pain that happens on the inner side of the knee and can be due to a number of problems.

It might come on gradually with time or might develop unexpectedly after a knee injury. There may be a general inner knee pain, motion might be limited or there might be a sharp pain.

It is typical to get pain on the medial side of the knee, because muscle weak point and/or tightness (which is very common) can discreetly change the way the knee relocations. This causes more force to go through the inner side of the joint, rather than dispersing weight evenly through the whole joint, which leads to damage to the inner side of the knee and therefore medial knee pain.

Here you will find a summary of the 3 most typical causes of medial knee pain. Use the connect to find out more about each condition consisting of symptoms and treatment choices for each. If you want more help working out what is wrong with your knee, visit the knee pain diagnosis section.

Causes of Medial Knee Pain

1) MCL Tear

What is it: Damage to some or all of the fibres of the medial security ligament on the inner side of the knee

Medial knee pain is frequently the result of an MCL tear

Onset: Sudden start due to a force through the beyond the leg e.g. deal with, or abrupt twisting of the knee e.g. snowboarding

Symptoms: Inner knee pain, swelling, bruising, instability, tightness

Annoying Activities: Bending the leg, walking, stairs, sports

Functions: There are three grades of MCL tear, depending on how badly you have damaged the ligament

Treatment Options: PRICE, knee brace, exercises

2) Medial Cartilage/Meniscus Tear

What is it: A tear in the cartilage lining on the inner side of the knee joint, called the meniscus

A cartilage tear is a common cause of medial knee pain.

Onset: Can happen suddenly with a force through the knee, unexpected twisting of the knee or slowly through wear and tear

Symptoms: Medial knee pain, swelling, locking, instability, problem correcting the alignment of the leg

Annoying Activities: Walking, running, crouching, stairs specifically going up

Functions: There are four types of meniscus tear depending on how the cartilage has actually torn

Treatment: PRICE, exercises, surgery

3) Arthritis

What is it: Wear and tear most frequently to the cartilage lining the medial side of the joint.

Osteoarthritis most typically impacts the inner side of the knee joint triggering medial knee pain.

Start: Symptoms gradually begin over time. Most common over the age of 50.

Symptoms: Morning tightness, inside knee pain, swelling, clicking/grinding, reduced leg motions.

Annoying Activities: Worse after extended rest or activity, winter.

Functions: There are three classification stages of osteoarthritis, mild, moderate and severe based upon how terribly the joint is impacted.

Treatment: Depends on the seriousness but arthritis treatments consist of exercises, medication, heat/ice, acupuncture, injections and knee braces.

4) Pes Anserine Bursitis

What is it: Inflammation of the pes anserine bursa, a small fluid-filled sac the reduces friction.

Pes Anserine Bursitis is among the less typical causes of medial knee pain.

Start: Usually steady start rather than unexpected. Most common in obese middle aged women or runners and swimmers.

Symptoms: Medial knee pain around 2-3 inches below the knee joint, swelling, stiffness, weakness and impacts sleep.

Annoying Factors: Climbing stairs, resisted knee flexion and exercise.

Treatment: Rest, ice, stretches, strengthening exercises, corticosteroid injections or periodically surgery.

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