Pain on Left Side of Belly Button after Eating

pain on left side of belly button after eating

Detecting abdominal pain is difficult due to the wide variety of organs and structures in the abdomen. The reasons for left sided abdominal pain, specifically felt after eating, can usually be identified to the structures on that side of the belly.

What Causes Pain on Left Side of Belly Button after Eating?

Left side abdominal pain might arise from the internal organs of the gastrointestinal and urinary system, chest, pelvic cavity, abdominal wall muscles, bones (ribs, spinal column, pelvis), vessels, nerves or skin. The existence of other signs and symptoms are an essential indicator of possible causes of left sided abdominal pain and factors that intensify or ease the pain are an essential idea to the underlying condition.

If the pain is of an abrupt beginning, intolerable and connected with a high fever, lightheadedness, confusion or a loss of consciousness, immediate medical interest has to be sought. Keep in mind of whether the pain belongs to consuming, sleeping, bowel movements, flatulence (passing gas), motion or menstrual cycle in females.

The list of causes of pain on left side of belly button after eating are noted below are set up in order from the upper abdominal area (above the navel) to lower abdomen (listed below the navel). It is meant to function as a guide however eventually a medical diagnosis by a physician is needed so that the suitable treatment can be started as quickly as possible. An abdominal ultrasound, x-ray, CT scan or MRI are commonly necessary for a conclusive medical diagnosis, together with specialized investigations like a flexible sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy or double contrast barium enema for gastrointestinal conditions.

Varying from minor diseases to deadly conditions, some abdominal discomforts ought to not be neglected and require a visit to the doctor.

Ulcers and Heartburn

Ulcers are open injuries that normally form on the lining of the stomach and small intestinal tract. Left-sided abdominal pain after consuming, with or without heartburn, might symbolize an ulcer or gastroesophageal reflux disease referred to as GERD. GERD takes place when stomach acid or contents reflux into the esophagus triggering a burning pain on left side of belly button after eating. Doctors suggest that both ulcers and GERD may be easily treated with dietary modifications or medications, and generally antibiotics are had to deal with ulcers.

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Diarrhea, Constipation and Gas

Problems including the stomach, colon and small intestinal tract can produce left-sided abdominal pain after a meal. The National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse shows how ingested gas in the stomach, or gas produced from foods in the intestines, can cause left-sided abdominal pain and fullness. Ingesting air while eating or consuming or ill-fitting dentures is generally the reason for pain after eating, according to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse.

Belching, passing gas, eating slower and reducing dietary fats can avoid an accumulation of gases and provide relief, according to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse. Constipation or diarrhea afflicts the colon and little intestines, which might show in left-sided abdominal pain after a disagreeable meal or dehydration.


Diverticulitis is an inflammatory disease that produces tiny pouches in the intestines that can fill with food and waste, causing pain and irregular bowel habits, according to St. John Providence Health System. Common symptoms of diverticulitis rely on the area of the disease within the colon. If the pouches occur on the descending colon, in the left side of the abdomen, the pain will be left sided and can aggravate after a meal.

Stomach discomforts may be crampy and related to a fever, nausea and constipation, according to St. John Providence Health System. Enhancing dietary fiber and preventing certain foods, such as berries and nuts, might relieve the symptoms.

Colorectal Cancer

Continuous and severe left-sided abdominal pain after consuming need to not be overlooked as it might be a sign of colorectal cancer, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. Cancer is an atypical collection of cells that grow and mutate into growths.

Not uncommon in those over 50 years of age, colorectal cancer is the 2nd most common American cancer per the American Academy of Family Physicians. Annual screening with digital rectal assessments, colonoscopy and a complete family case history will aid in early detection of this cancer.


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