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Almond oil is among the best oils for hair and skin care. It has got great deals of nutrients and advantageous properties that make it such a powerful cosmetic ingredient. the results gotten by using almond oil on skin can be comparable to that of lots of powerful skin care products, sans all the side effects. It can help one get rid of dark circles in weeks. Sweet almond oil is also safe to consumed internally. In truth, it is well reputed as a medical oil in the Unani system of Medicine.

Source of Almond Oil

Almond oil is drawn out from almonds. There are lots of ranges of almonds, however they are typically classified into two classes.

Bitter Almonds. These are almonds that are bitter to taste. They are rarely consumed, or used in recipes. Bitter almonds however are used to produce bitter almond oil. These almonds contain a small amount of hydrogen cyanide, which is exceptionally poisonous. Eating just a few of these almonds can cause a vertigo, and even death.

Sweet Almonds. These are the almonds that we are accustomed to eating. They are used to produce sweet almond oil. This oil too has a sweet taste, making almond oil one of the tastiest almond oils.

Almond is actually a drupe, not a nut. It is native to the Mediterranean and Middle East. Presently, the largest producer of almonds is USA, the majority of which originates from the state of California. Spain too is understood for its high quality almonds. Various ranges of almonds have slight distinctions in taste, and this subtle difference also reflects in the oil.

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Using almond oil for wrinkles and aging skin on the face operates in numerous ways. It helps to tighten up the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It ‘plumps’ up the face and fills the age lines and wrinkles you might have. By utilizing almond oil as a soothing lotion, it revitalizes the skin, smoothing away lines and avoiding more damage to the skin.


Let us check out the therapeutical properties of almond oil, both sweet and bitter almond oil. In general, the properties of sweet almond oil and bitter almond oil are comparable for topical application, according to For internal use, only sweet almond oil is used, and there is no point in talking about the health benefits of bitter almond oil because it is dangerous when ingested.

These are the restorative properties of Sweet Almond oil.

  • Anti-Inflammatory. It reduces inflammation topically as well as when ingested.
  • Anti-oxidant. Almond oil has mild antioxidant capability.
  • Immune Booster. Topical along with internal application of sweet almond oil boosts resistance and provides robust security from different diseases.
  • Anti-hepatotoxic. Almond oil is known to aid the liver in removing toxic substances. This is likewise carried out by castor oil.
  • Emollient – exceptional moisturization property. It is used to get rid of excessively dry skin.
  • Sclerosant. Used to treat vascular concerns like spider veins, hemorrhoids and varicose veins.
  • Laxative – promotes defecation and relieves constipation. This laxative action is mild as compared to stronger laxatives like castor oil.
  • Analgesic. Almond oil is mild painkiller
  • Muscle Relaxation – massage with almond oil relieves stressed out and sore muscles.
  • Cicatrizant  helps injuries heal much faster.
  • Anti-dandruff it dissolves away dandruff from the scalp.
  • These helpful properties of almond oil makes it so beneficial in many individual conditions. It supplies several health advantages.

Almonds Nutrition Facts

Almonds are highly nutritious and is categorized as one of the healthiest and well-balanced food. So, before starting with almond benefits, let us take a look at almond nutrition facts. ¼ cup (around 35 grams) of whole almonds contains around 7 grams carbohydrates, 7.6 grams protein, 4.1 grams dietary fiber, 18 grams of fat, 1.7 grams sugar, zero cholesterol and amounts to 206 calories. The following table will provide with detailed information about the nutrient content in 0.25 cup almonds.



Vitamin A

0.34 IU

Vitamin B1

0.03 mg

Vitamin B2

0.3 mg

Vitamin B3

1.4 mg

Vitamin E

9 mg


11.39 mcg


91.8 mg


1.6 mg


0.09 mg


98.7 mg


168.6 mg


257.4 mg


1.22 mg


10.2 mg


0.98 mg

Side Effects Of Almond Oil

Almond oil do have their own share of side effects, some of which are:

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Gastrointestinal Problems

Consuming a great deal of almonds can result in constipation and bloating considering that they are high up on fiber. If your body is not used to processing big amount of fiber, it can lead to indigestion. Since the nuts are challenging to digest, it leads to excess stress on the belly. If you have a weak digestive system and are vulnerable to digestive conditions, you must control your almond intake. One method to handle this is by drinking great deals of water. But likewise remember that drinking too much water results in salt imbalance in the body.

Medication Interactions

If you are on a manganese-rich diet and you take in almonds, it may cause drug interactions. This is because almonds are also abundant in manganese. High quantity of manganese in the body connects with laxatives, antibiotics and certain blood pressure medications. You only need 1.3 to 2.3 mg of manganese in your daily diet.

Overdose Of Vitamin E

We require about 15mg of Vitamin E every day. By taking in large quantities of almonds, it’s possible to reach above 1000mg of the required intake. The side effects of excess Vitamin E are diarrhea, flatulence, blurred vision, headaches and dizziness, and sleepiness.

Weight Gain

Among the major side effects of extreme intake of almonds is weight gain. Considering that almonds include 14g of fat and 163 calories per ounce. If you are not burning away sufficient quantity of calories, you’ll definitely overdo the pounds as your body will store the excess calories as fat. So include almonds in your daily diet as part of a meal strategy. If you are keeping your weight, make sure the almonds belong to your 2000 calorie intake. If you are aiming to slim down, then let the almonds be within the 1200-1500 calorie intake.

Boosts Toxic Level In The Body

This is one of the major side effects of eating too many almonds. Bitter almonds are understood to consist of hydrocyanic acid, which results in symptoms, such as slowing of the nervous system, breathing problem that can likewise be fatal.

Allergic Reactions

This is a rare side effect, but some individuals have revealed allergies to almonds. Here the symptoms will be rashes, difficulty in breathing etc.

Existence Of Bacteria

This side effect is not particular to almond oil, however being a part of the nut household, almonds are prone to bacterial growth. Depending on where they are grown, almonds might be subjected to dangerous bacterial growth, which can lead to illness if consumed without appropriate cleaning. In reality, in numerous nations selling raw almonds is unlawful.

So, now that you understand the almonds side effects, make notified choices and stay healthy and safe. There is no doubt about the fact that almonds benefit our health, but small amounts is the secret. Speak with your nutritionist and pick the number of almonds a day benefits you.

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