The most common cause of a pus in tonsils is an infection. Infections may be due to bacteria, a fungus, or a virus. Treatments vary, but gargling warm salt water several times a day may help ease the symtoms.Oral Health
Pus in Tonsils: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options
White spots on tonsils (also recognized like pus in tonsils) can be a disconcerting sight to see, but much of the causes are not a reason for you to fret.
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why is my tongue white on the sidesOral Health
Why Is My Tongue White?
White tongue is a coating of debris, bacteria and dead cells on your tongue that makes it look white. Although the appearance of white tongue may be worrying
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tongue infectionOral Health
Tongue Color Definition and Tongue Infection
Though often hailed as “the strongest muscle in the body,” the tongue is made up of a group of muscles that permit us to taste food, swallow, and talk.
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burning gumsOral Health
Burning Gums and Tongue
Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is a chronic, painful condition defined by burning sensations in the tongue, lips, palate (roof of the mouth), gums, within
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tongueOral Health
What’s Causing My Sore Tongue?
If your tongue is sore, it can be quite hard to ignore. It might trouble you when you speak or eat, and you might fret that something is seriously wrong.
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teethOral Health
Sensitive Teeth: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and More
Have you ever felt pain or discomfort after a bite of ice cream or a dose of warm soup? If so, you’re not alone. While pain triggered by hot or cold
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teethOral Health
List of Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy
Accomplishing healthy and balanced teeth takes a lifetime of care. Even if you’ve been told that you have nice teeth, it’s essential to take
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dry mouthOral Health
Waking Up with Dry Mouth: Causes, Treatments and More
Waking up in the early morning with a dry mouth can be very uncomfortable. It can also have significant wellness ramifications. It’
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Oral Health
Root Canal Procedure
If you’re about to have your first root canal treatment, you may be feeling pretty apprehensive about the whole thing, particularly offered all the
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tooth and cavityOral Health
Dental Cavities: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
Dental cavities are permanently harmed areas that typically develop into holes in the enamel, or tough external surface, of your teeth. Cavities are also
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If any of these oral cancer symptoms or signs are present for days or weeks, your doctor may recommend tests to check for oral cancer.Cancer
Mouth Cancer Signs and Symptoms
According to the National Institute of Dental Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), over half of those in the U.S. endure from oral cancer after five years.
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What and when to eat after wisdom tooth removed?Oral Health
When Can I Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?
When people have their wisdom teeth extracted, they normally experience pain and swelling later. Physicians highly recommend that patients observe a specific
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