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Lumps on Back of Tongue: Causes and Remedies

Red bumps might appear on the back of the tongue for a variety of factors. While the majority of factors are not serious, it’s a good idea to be able to recognize your bumps so you can look for the proper lifestyle modifications or treatments. It will likewise prepare you in case they signify a […]

Updated: March 28, 2017 — 6:20 pm

Periodontal Disease in Older Adults

chronic bacterial infection in the mouth can take place at any age however is prevalent in older grownups generally starts with gingivitis: red and a little swollen gums triggered by build-up of plaque on the tooth if left without treatment, gingivitis might advance to “periodontitis”

Updated: March 23, 2017 — 1:52 pm

Gum Pain Between Teeth

In lots of circumstances, swollen, painful and bleeding gum between teeth are a sign of gum disease. Nevertheless, there are a variety of other things that could be triggering your gum problems. Whatever the cause of sore, painful gums, there are actions you can require to decrease gum damage and pain.

Updated: March 2, 2017 — 3:17 am

Side Effects of Getting Tonsils Removed

tonsil removal side effects

Regular sore throats or tonsils that are so big they hinder swallowing or breathing are normal reasons why a health care provider may advise removing the tonsils. While tonsil removal surgery – a tonsillectomy¬†– typically lasts just 30 to 45 minutes, the recovery duration is usually about 2 weeks. During this time, it’s typical to […]

Updated: September 11, 2017 — 7:23 am

How Much Do Dental X-rays Cost?

Fing out the cost of a digital dental X-Ray and typical guides of the procedure. Dental x-rays are a type of image of the teeth and mouth. X-rays are a kind of high energy electromagnetic radiation. The x-rays penetrate the body to form an image on film.

Updated: February 9, 2017 — 4:20 am

Tooth Filling: Cost and Procedure

teeth filling cost

A dental filling is a type of corrective dentistry treatment used to repair minimal tooth fractures, tooth decay or otherwise damaged surfaces of the teeth. Dental filling products, that include composite, porcelain and silver amalgam, might be used to even out tooth surfaces for better biting or chewing.

Updated: December 18, 2016 — 4:04 pm

Burning Gums and Tongue

burning gums

Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is a chronic, painful condition defined by burning sensations in the tongue, lips, palate (roof of the mouth), gums, within the cheeks and the back of the mouth or throat. The pain can not be quickly credited to any physical irregularities in the mouth or any underlying medical disorders.

Updated: December 18, 2016 — 2:41 pm

How to Prevent Tonsil Stones

prevent tonsil stones

While tonsil stones might seem like a bad medical scam, they can be a genuine issue. Tonsil stones, likewise known as tonsilloliths or tonsilliths, are benign build-ups of bacteria and debris in the crypts of some individuals’s tonsils. Though this issue may cause discomfort, it is not unsafe and is normally quickly treatable.

Updated: November 28, 2016 — 9:28 am

How to Relief Bad Severe Cough

constant dry cough

Consistent cough can stop you in your tracks. ” Even a little cough can be incapacitating,” says Mark Yoder, MD, assistant professor of lung and critical care medication at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

Updated: November 26, 2016 — 4:10 pm

Tongue Color Definition and Tongue Infection

tongue infection

Though often hailed as “the strongest muscle in the body,” the tongue is made up of a group of muscles that permit us to taste food, swallow, and talk. A healthy tongue is pink and covered with little blemishes called papillae.

Updated: November 26, 2016 — 2:59 pm
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