What Causes Stretch Marks on Breasts?

Breast stretch marks

Stretch marks are primarily related to abdominal and leg skin. However, stretch marks can likewise appear on a person’s breasts. If you notice stretch marks on your breasts, there is no cause for alarm; this is in fact fairly typical. Breast stretch marks can be the outcome of a various elements, however stretch marks seldom mean you have any disease or irregular condition.

Weight Gain

Breast stretch marks are normally the result of fast modifications in breast size. Breasts are made up of primarily fatty tissue, and increased calorie usage can make breasts grow larger. Weight-related breast increase is more typical in women, but it can take place in men as well. If you have put on weight just recently, your breast stretch marks were most likely caused by this. After losing excess weight, some evidence of the stretch marks will constantly stay, but they will become fainter and less noticeable.

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Pregnancy and Birth Control

During pregnancy, a female’s breasts grow, and they stay engorged after childbirth for as long as the mother is actively breast-feeding the infant. Lots of types of prescription contraception cause a woman’s body to react as if she were pregnant, so breast boost is common. Breast boosts related to childbearing typically happen quickly, causing extend marks as the skin expands.


Preteens and teens may notice increased stretch marks on the breasts. This simply implies that the person is going through the normal procedure of the age of puberty. Development spurts associated with the age of puberty can cause modifications in breast size, and breast development also takes place independently of development spurts in girls. Inning accordance with the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, seven from 10 girls experience stretch marks during puberty.

Hydration and Exercise

The majority of breast stretch marks happen from increased breast size. However, in specific cases breasts can develop stretch marks from dehydration and lack of exercise. A well-hydrated person has softer skin, which is less likely to develop stretch marks, acording to iytmed.com. Moreover, daily exercise will assist naturally condition skin and totally free your body of toxic substances. If you see unexpected stretch marks without visible breast size increase, then you may wish to reassess your daily water consumption and exercise routines.

Cushing’s Syndrome

Cushing’s Syndrome can also cause stretch marks without rapid boost in breast size. Cushing’s Syndrome establishes when your body over-produces a hormone called cortisol, or when over-using corticosteroid medications. With excess cortisol material, your body will develop dark pink and purple stretch marks. Cushing’s Syndrome likewise causes high blood pressure, bone loss and diabetes. Cushing’s Syndrome is treatable with surgery or radiation, and stretch marks will fade after treatment. The majority of stretch marks are not the result of Cushing’s Syndrome, however seek advice from a doctor for testing if you are concerned.

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