Lumps Around Anus

Q: I have small lumps about the size of a match head around the opening of my anus. They are itchy at times, and generally get worse during the night. I am really embarrassed about them and wish to understand if you could tell me what they are and if you could inform me of a cream that I could purchase over the counter to get rid of them. I am too ashamed to go to the doctor.

Lumps Around Anus

A: There are a variety of possible responses here. Let’s take them one at a time.

It might be worms — this has the tendency to cause itching and is worse in the evening. The service is a medication you can get at the chemist.

Secondly, it may be a yeasty infection. The treatment there would be a cream such as Nystan or Canesten.

Finally, it might be pruritus rectums — which is not an infection, more a sort of eczema provoked by stress — could this hold true?

The remedy there is to use an easy barrier cream (like the kinds we use on baby’s bottoms) and to take steps to deal with the underlying stress.

If it is none of these things then it might be stacks and you ‘d truly have to see you GP for an appropriate diagnosis of that and for the appropriate treatment.

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I have a swelling on my anus. What could it be?

Q: I am 26 years old male. 3 days ago I felt little pain while passing difficult stool. There was some bleeding as well. The next day I realized that there was a swelling in my anus around the size of pea. I am truly frightened and too embarrassed to speak about this with household or doctor.

A: Thank you for your question concerning the lesion in your anus. You should never ever feel ashamed to speak to your doctor about symptoms such as this and I motivate you to set up a consultation with your primary care doctor. It is tough to examine the reason for your symptoms without a physical examination; nevertheless, based upon your description, it is possible that you may have an external hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids are normal veins that exist in the anus but can be a problem when they end up being swollen, itchy, and painful. They can likewise cause rectal bleeding that can vary from bleeding just on the toilet tissue when wiping or bleeding that coats the stool. Physicians generally separate in between internal and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids you can’t see and typically don’t cause pain, while external hemorrhoids can be noticeable and generally cause pain. The best thing to do to prevent hemorrhoids is to make sure you are not constipated, by consuming great deals of fiber in vegetables and fruits, and taking fiber supplements or stool softeners if needed. You must discuss with your doctor the best choices for you. This can range from utilizing over-the-counter creams/ointments to alleviate the pain, swelling or if symptoms are rather severe or bleeding excessive, a doctor might advise getting rid of the hemorrhoids by tying them off or using lasers or heat. Talk with your doctor about the best choices for you.

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