Best Knee Brace for Running

There many advantages of using a knee brace, and it is something that all runners and athletes need to think about. While knee braces are frequently balked at as uncomfortable or unneeded, there are a range of light-weight, easy-to-wear braces offered that can significantly reduce the unfavorable effects of running. With the countless benefits of using a knee brace, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Best Brands of Knee Braces for Running

Now that you understand the essential consider choosing a knee brace, you are prepared to determine which brace will suit your needs best. The type of knee brace you choose will eventually depend upon your particular injuries and your level of discomfort. Here are the leading five knee braces to select from, each which accommodates a distinct set of problems.

1. Neo G Medical Grade VCS Advanced Hinged Open Patella Knee Brace

This is a hinged brace, specially designed to offer optimum assistance and stabilization of the patella. It can help with the pain of arthritis and runner’s knee, while decreasing risk of sprains, pressures, or other injuries while running. The hinge system assists to manage leg extension while you run, therefore lowering your risk of tears or strains to the ligaments. It’s made from neoprene, which soaks up heat much better than other fabrics and supplies soothing warmth to sore muscles and joints. The brace can fit on either knee, and is comfortable and malleable so as not to hinder your leg movements excessive.

2. TuffBrace Athletics Knee Brace and Support

At just under $25, this is a top quality, multi-purpose knee brace for a sensational price. Made from neoprene, this knee brace is perforated, thin, and flexible for ample breathability and comfort. With adjustable Velcro straps, you can adjust the compression level to fit your needs. It provides padding and stability for the patella, while helping to minimize pain and swelling related to arthritis and runner’s knee. It features an open patella, allowing for a complete series of movement while running, and can fit either knee with ease. It’s available in two various sizes, each which are adjustable, so you can discover a custom fit that complies with your leg completely.

3. Mueller Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace

This brace is a patellar supporting brace that is ideal for those who have actually suffered a dislocated patella. At just under $30, it’s the best brace for the money. It’s well cushioned and made with breathable material that’s comfortable, even as you sweat. With adjustable, Velcro straps, you can tailor the level of compression based on your individual preference. In addition to functioning as a patellar stabilizer, it can also help those experiencing arthritis, patellofemoral pain, runner’s knee, and Chondromalacia. The fabric is sown in a way that gets rid of seams and removes the risk of chafing while running.

4. McDavid Reversible Neoprene Knee Support

This is a standard neoprene brace that is the ideal choice for those wanting to prevent future knee injuries. The knee sleeve is seamless to supply maximum comfort and contours quickly to the shape of your knee. It can fit either knee and is devoid of latex to prevent potential allergies. At under $15, this brace is a remarkable deal for the money. This brace isn’t intended to provide stabilization of the patella, but rather to provide basic compression and assistance, which will lessen the soreness and swelling connected with runner’s knee.

5. Mueller Jumper’s Knee Strap

Knee straps are the perfect choice for those seeking to prevent future injury, or to lessen pain in the patellar tendon. They are little, light-weight, and simple to use, making them an ideal choice for runners. This knee strap can assist alleviate the pain of Chondromalacia, Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease, and Patellar Tendonitis. This brace provides sufficient support, but bit in the method of compression. As a result, it’s planned more for use as decreasing moderate knee pains and preventing future strains on the knee. It’s the best option for avid runners seeking to decrease damage to their knees since it’s light-weight, easy to wear, and comfortable, allowing for optimum mobility. For severe cases of arthritis, patella injury, or chronic runner’s knee, a more integrated full-support knee brace is perfect.

Choosing Right Knee Brace for Sports

Patellar Stabilizing Brace
Patellar tracking injuries or pain occurs when the patella, also called the kneecap, does not properly track in the groove of the femur, or thigh bone, leading to pain and friction. A patellar stabilizing brace is developed to help supply optimal patellar tracking. Usually these braces will have a strap, or block, to hold the patella in place as the knee moves through its variety of motion.

Neoprene Brace
Neoprene is an elastic material which likewise has the ability to insulate a joint. Neoprene braces are different and serve multiple functions. Some neoprene braces are merely sleeves which offer compression and keep heat. Some neoprene braces integrate hinges or patellar stabilizers. Figuring out which neoprene brace is best is decided by the particular injury being treated.

Arthritic Knee Brace/Unloader
When arthritis establishes in a joint, the joint space is diminished or compromised due to degeneration. This decreased space leads to bone-on-bone contact, which causes pain. Unloader knee braces have hinges which are specially developed to help minimize this bone-on-bone friction, hence reducing pain.

Knee Bands
When a runner establishes pain in the patellar tendon, the region just below the kneecap, sometimes a simple knee band will assist relieve the pain. Bands are straps which walk around the circumference of the knee, and relieve strain and stress on the tendon, potentially reducing pain. These bands are typically used to treat tendinitis, runner’s knee and Osgood Schlatter’s disease.

Hinged Brace
Hinged knee braces are normally bigger and supply more assistance than a neoprene brace. These braces offer more stability and are more rigid. Hinged braces may be customized to fit a private and are frequently used after knee surgery. Some hinged braces are created to restrict series of motion at various degrees of motion, and some are adjustable, while others are basic.

Bottom Line

While knee braces assistance provide support and might help reduce pain, braces will not fill in correct strengthening or rehab for injuries. Rather, braces should be considered as an aid, not the only solution to a problem. A competent healthcare specialist will advise and potentially recommend a suitable knee brace based upon a particular injury.

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